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Fulfillment by Amazon: How to Sell Items on Amazon

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Many of us have things laying around our homes that we no longer need. Perhaps you are preparing for a move or need to downsize. Or you are just sick and tired of feeling like a hoarder and you want to unload some of your belongings. My father recently passed away leaving behind his massive collection of many unusual artifacts dating back to the Civil War. I needed a way to reduce the inventory.

If you want to downsize your belongings, you can do the traditional yard sale or you can sell them online through venues such as eBay or Amazon. Amazon has two options. The first option is called Amazon Seller in which you sell individual items one at a time. You are responsible for the listing, the packaging, the pricing, the shipping, the sell-buyer communication and if there are any disputes, you are one your own to handle those issues as well. For each item that sells, you pay Amazon 0.99$ plus any additional fees Amazon may tack on. If you have only one or two items to sell, this is the best way to go. However, if you have many items such as for those situations listed above (moving, downsizing, etc) there is a better way.

Fulfillment by Amazon is the better way to go if you have many items you wish to sell for a profit. This can be a great way to legitimately make money if you have a large inventory of anything that Amazon sells. It does not have to be the same item. It can a variety of items. How this program works is you ship everything you want Amazon to sell to them and for $39.99 a month, Amazon will list the items, price the items, ship the items, handle all communication back and forth with customer, take care of all disputes – all of it will be handled by Amazon. It involves less time, energy and hassle for you. You can run this as a business or do this short-term. Watch the video below to better see how this Amazon program can help you grow your business or just reduce your inventory of unneeded items on a short-term basis.

If you produce and sell any merchandise, this can be a great way to pay a reputable company to conduct all of your business needs. All you would need to do is produce your merchandise. If you are an artist, for example, and you have paintings to sell, this can be a great way to run your business smoothly. If you make any product, you can utilize this service. This is a simple legitimate online opportunity to help you make money online.

To summarize, if you have only a few items to sell on Amazon, Amazon Seller is going to be your best bet. You will be responsible for the packaging, shipping and any customer disputes. However, if you have a greater need to move a more higher amount of merchandise, check out Fulfillment by Amazon. When you ship your items via Fulfilled by Amazon, you do need to make sure your packaged items are what is known as e-commerce ready. When your item arrives to the Amazon Fulfillment Center, an Amazon Associate will evaluate the item to ensure the package is e-commerce ready. If the item is not e-commerce ready, an Amazon problem solver will handle the case. To learn more about this process, watch the following video:

Amazon does have important information for International Sellers you should look into if you are selling outside the US.  For instance, you are required to use the primary language and currency of the Amazon marketplace website for which you are registered to sell.   You should confirm that export and import laws are followed for the delivery of the product you wish to sell. Your product meets product compliance and environmental regulations which can vary from one country to the next.

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10 thoughts on “Fulfillment by Amazon: How to Sell Items on Amazon

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    I decided to read your article on ‘Fulfillment by Amazon: how to sell items on Amazon’ to see your insight and perspective of the company. It is always a good strategy selling unnecessary items you have lying around home! Many people are taking advantage of the opportunity and making some nice income as a result.

    Kind regard,



    1. Hi Benji:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, you are absolutely correct, it is always a good idea to clean your garage or basement and earn some extra money by selling items you no longer want or need. Amazon provides a great way to sell unwanted items and clean out that clutter. Have a great day!


  2. This is quit educating, just hearing this for the first time, i am a Nigreian, and love internet marketing, a newbie anyway, hoping to be an expert someday.God bless you.

    1. Hi Edemekaye Richard:

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am glad it was educational. Have a great day!


  3. FBA seems a nice way to supplement my income. Thank you for this post. I learn much from you. I must give this a try! 🙂

    1. Hi Keye:

      Thank you for stopping today to leave a comment. Fulfillment by Amazon is a nice way to help professional sellers move their inventory without having to hire extra personnel to handle the packaging and shipping as Amazon will take care of it for you. This option is only useful for those individuals who have a massive amount of merchandise to sell. For individuals, Amazon Seller is the way to go.

      Thank you for stopping today.


  4. Good advice you give for people trying to sell items on Amazon. In these trying times, we need all the help we can get!

    1. Hi Michael:

      Thank you for reading my post and leaving a friendly comment. Yes, times are difficult and I am happy to offer assistance to people in need of supplementing their income by providing easy legitimate opportunities they can do online in their free time. Many of us need to downsize or find items around our garage or house that can be sold online. In addition, if you wanted to create an online business in which you package and ship items, FBA can help provide this service.

      Have a wonderful day! Please come back and visit soon as this website will develop and grow as time moves forward.


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