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Overall Ranking: 70 out of 100
Price: Get 1 Year FREE at  After the first year, it can be anywhere from $13.00 – $115.00 annual fee depending on the storage size you select and it is only FREE if you select the smallest storage space (15GB)
Owners:  Jacob Jensen logo

INTRODUCTION is known to be the largest hosting company in Denmark and was founded in 2002.  Since then it has grown steadily over the years. is a privately held company offering hosting, email and domain registration.  The price is one of the cheapest around especially with the first year being FREE for the smallest storage space.  It is recorded to have over 1 million customers in 149 countries. is designed to allow webmasters to get up and running quickly and easily.



  • Has been around for 13 years and continues to grow
  • Content and YouTube videos come in many multiple languages
  • First Year is FREE
  • Built-in Photo Gallery
  • Prices are very competitive (even after the initial first FREE year)
  • Offers 1-click WordPress installation
  • Offer unlimited email accounts
  • Has 24/7 Live Chat support
  • Customer support is helpful and knowledgeable
  • An extensive knowledge-base documentation for FAQ
  • Offers different levels of storage space at different prices, so you only pay for what you need
  • Offers a little bonus – the bix solution which is a file-sharing option with music-streaming features and mobile access
  • Known to have high uptimes – 99.9% in almost 1000 days straight
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • MySQL configuration setup
  • Easy DNS Management


  •  A short 15-day Money Back Guarantee (most companies offer at least 30 day money back guarantee)
  • Does not offer cloud hosting or VPS hosting – Only shared hosting available
  • No email or telephone support.  Support is only available via Live Chat
  • The initial set-up has been reported to be confusing
  • No dedicated server available
  • No e-commerce feature readily available. You would have to manually install a content management system and build an online store from scratch.
  • No website design training.  You are expected to know how to build a website on your own
  • No community forum to ask help or network with
  • A limited number of WordPress themes available (about 40 only)
  • You cannot contact the owners
  • No Keyword Research tool available
  • They are not accredited the Better Business Bureau

WHO IT IS FOR? is best suited for the individual web owner who does not need a large e-commerce website.  This hosting company is best for the small business or the sole blogger.  The limited option of only having a shared hosting plan makes it difficult should your business grow and you need a more complex website with additional storage at a competitive price.


The only support that is available for technical support should you encounter problems with your website. There is no training available for individuals who are new to web design and wish to learn how to build a website and grow a business. There are, however, YouTube videos available to watch in several different languages.


Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Live Chat.  You can get help at 2am no matter where in the world you are located. However, there is no phone or email support available.  But, most of the time Live Chat is what you want.


My final opinion is that is an excellent bang for your buck.  If you are skilled enough in web design and only need a small website with very little complexities built-in, then you should Register Your Personal Domain Through!.

If however, you are needing something that offers a more complete package with on-going training that is continually being updated and community forum available to help you with anything from how to set up your website to how to start an affiliate marketing business, you are better off looking towards another product such as Wealthy Affiliate.  See the chart below to compare the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and One.Com.

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13 thoughts on “One.Com Review

  1. This is a great review! It’s written very well. I use Wealthy Affiliate to host my site though because I have recently reopened my facepainting business and spend most of my time creating art and growing my business locally so I don’t have a lot of time to be figuring out website design or anything related to the online aspect of my business.

    Having a great website is however an important aspect to having a successful business and a professional image and since I can’t afford to hire someone to do it for me, I do need to devote time to it on a regular basis, no matter how busy I am. So I love having the training and community that Wealthy Affiliate provides to help me grow my online presence.

    1. Hi Donna.

      It is a pleasure to meet you. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice when it comes to training a novice how to design a website, prepare your site for SEO and offers excellent hosting. You are wise to be have joined WA. Thank you so much for the compliment on my writing and the review of One.Com. Please come back again and visit.


    1. Hi Demi.

      Thank you for the compliment. I am glad you liked the way I prepared the side-by-side comparison of One.Com with Wealthy Affiliate. Have a wonderful and please come back soon.


  2. Wow Steph, that’s what I call thorough review, I like the presentation as it is nice and clean. I have been looking at different web hosting packages and have been considering One.Com as well as and Miss

    You have come on incredibly in just a few months, congratulations. I hope you are able to achieve financial success via this website. I can tell you are definitely a pro.

    1. Hi Jason:

      Thank you for the kind words and the compliment on my progress. You have been a source of inspiration for me and I am truly grateful to you for that.


  3. Hello! This is a great review but I am not really attracted to this product. I would much rather stay on Wealthy affiliate since they offer all this training and help. Thank you for sharing. It’s always good to know about new products out there.

    1. Hi Katerina!

      I agree with you in that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better choice to make with everything that is offered in comparison to the other hosting companies such as NameCheap, Miss Hosting and BlueHost. Wealthy Affiliate has the training, the community and the encouragement to make sure you are on the right track. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Lyubomir:

      Great question. It is FREE for the first year and than after that depending on the extension you want, such as .com or .net it can run from $13.88 (for the .com) to as high as $100. But for .com it will be $13.88 and that is for the 2nd year.

      Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!


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