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This is an update from my original Miss Hosting Review.

PRODUCT NAME:  Miss Hosting (updated version) 

Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100
Price:  Basic Member $1.25
 per month;  Professional Member $2.50 per month’; Ultimate Member $3.75 per month ( all plans must be paid in advance for at least 1 year) plus domain registration
Owners:  Alexandra Linnusta

Website:  www.MissHosting.com

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Miss Hosting is a startup hosting company headquartered in Stockholmn Sweden with a second office in Hollywood Florida ofering cloud-based shared hosting at a low monthly rate.   I did my original review of Miss Hosting three months ago based on what was available at the time due to Miss Hosting being in the startup phase.  I am pleased to write an update based on information I received from the Managing Director of Miss Hosting, Andreas Linnuste.

As with any startup company, it will take a little time to establish yourself in the area you are growing your business, especially when it is as competitive as web hosting.  Miss Hosting has been hard at work and dedicated to increasing their level of support, service and training.  They are based in Sweden/Europe and their focus has been to serve the European market so their support has not been available for the rest of the global time zones.  It is as of the writing of this review only available for European time, but anyone in the world can access it.   They are hoping to make their support available 24/7 sometime in the future.  Right now the hours of their live chat are from 2.00 am – 11.00 am and 1 pm to 8 pm European time.



      • Uses cloud hosting as opposed to the alternative of utilizing a single server.  Check with my original review of Miss Hosting to learn the benefits of cloud hosting.
      • Support personnel is bilingual in Swedish and English.
      • Can build one free website using their sister site Miss Site.com.

Miss Site – Create your own website in 5 minutes! – It’s free

      • Uses WordPress which is the most common and the most popular web building platform available with thousands of templates available.
      • Offers numerous video tutorials on their cPanel interface in both low and high quality depending on your computer’s ability.
      • Just launched a few weeks ago as of the writing of this review, Miss Hosting is offering a chance to test their VPS or a Dedicated server for free for 30 days. This is not a money back guarantee,. You actually get the server for free for 30 days without paying a thing.  Once the 30 days are up, the billing will start as usual unless you are not satisfied.
      • Low monthly rates starting at $1.25 per month for web hosting for the basic membership.  See price chart on original review of Miss Hosting.
      • Has a 45-day money back guarantee!  Most companies provide a 30-day money back guarantee.


      • Does not offer 24/7 support (as of the writing of this review).
      • This is a brand new start-up company, thus, no information is available yet from BBB (Better Business Bureau)
      • Minimalist website.  There is not much information available on the website other than sign-up. but it does seem to be expanding and thus, I am sure content will continue to grow as well.


Cloud hosting is ideal for the following:

  • small company
  • an entrepreneur
  • an affiliate marketer
  • a web designer or someone who has a niche site they wish to promote

It permits your website’s resources to be available real time instead of relying on a single server.  You have the assurance that if one of the data centers goes down, resources from the remaining data centers can be pulled, thus your website remains live and has fewer down times.   Miss Hosting is an example of a web hosting company which practices cloud hosting. thus, giving you all those benefits.


A few weeks ago, Miss Hosting has added YouTube videos to help their clients.   As of the writing of this review, there are currently six YouTube videos.  It is probable that more will be added.  The videos are visual, but not audio.  This may be due to the fact that Miss Hosting is based out of Sweden/Europe and thus, want to make their videos understandable by both Swedish and English speakers.

The video below shows you how you can build a website in 60 seconds in WordPress using Miss Hosting cPanel login.


There is email, phone and limited live chat support available.  You may call the number listed on the website or send them an email.  As mentioned above the hours of the live chat are as follows based on European time:

  • 2.00 am – 11.00 am
  • 1 pm to 8 pm

There is also an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) FAQ page located here.

PRICE100's of Domain choises! - Up to 75% off!

The price is one of it’s largest selling points.  I compared what you can get with Miss Hosting as opposed to another web hosting company that also utilizes cloud hosting and for the same price of what you would pay for Miss Hosting for an entire year, you would pay a similar cloud hosting company hundreds of dollars more per year.  As mentioned above, the three different hosting packages are for hosting your website only.  That does not include domain registration.  To test how much a domain costs, I performed the following pre-purchase analysis.   The following chart shows the price for different domain names based on what extension you want:


The prices you see listed are comparable to other companies in which you could purchase a domain.  Since a .com extension is the most common, I selected that one.  For a .com extension of this particular domain Test How Much a Domain Costs  you will be pay $12.99 per year.  You might be able to find something a little cheaper, but most likely this a fair price.


When I first wrote my original review of Miss Hosting, I gave them a half-and-half rating as they were brand new to the web hosting industry.  However, I was impressed with how Miss Hosting is continuing to grow and expand their services, support and training.  This company is definitely a legit company and I am sure in the next few months more support will be added to include 24/7 live chat.
Miss Site - Create you own website in 5 minutes!

My personal recommendation is if you wish to start an online business of affiliate marketing, first sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate for their training.  When you are ready to have your own website without a siterubix.com domain, be sure to visit Miss Hosting to purchase your domain, because domain registration is not available through Wealthy Affiliate.  If you want to host your new website at Wealthy Affiliate you will need to transfer your name servers from Miss Hosting.   However, you can also choose to host your site through Miss Hosting and just use Wealthy Affiliate to get your training in affiliate marketing, SEO and web design.


I hope you find this review helpful.  Please leave comments below, especially if you are a customer of Miss Hosting and wish to add something, please do so below

Please review my affiliate disclaimer.

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26 thoughts on “Updated Review on Miss Hosting

  1. To be honest this looks like it would be quite a good platform to use for hosting. It has everything in place from what you say.

    The only thing that would put me off is the lack of 24/7 support.

    We are not all in the same time zone, and to have to wait and be frustrated with no help available cannot be that good.

    If they offered this I would consider it!



    1. Hi Chris:

      I agree with you. I would hate to be with a hosting company that did not offer 24/7 support. That was the case at the writing of this review. I have not checked lately to see if that has since changed and if, Miss Hosting has corrected that and is now 24/7 support, but it seems to me, that this is something that would have been a big priority for many hosting companies. Thank you Chris for reading and leaving a comment.


  2. Thanks for this article. I was not aware of cloud hosting or what it meant so thank you for making me aware of that.

    For domain names I have only ever used GoDaddy and Namecheap. I have been happy with them both to date, preferring Namecheap just because I find them easier.How do you think Miss Hosting compares to these two well known companies?

    1. Hi Lynne:

      Thanks for reading my article. I have a list of web hosting reviews that you can peruse and decide which one might be best for you and your needs. I have only five right now and one of them is NameCheap. I have used NameCheap to purchase domain names. What I like about Miss Hosting is how much they have done in the short amount of time they have been in business. I find their accomplishments impressive.

      You should read my reviews of the different popular hosting companies and decide for yourself which one you like, because they all have their pros and cons and they are different.


  3. Seems like Miss Hosting is a pretty good service. The fact you have to pay for the year up front doesn’t seem to be a big deal since the monthly fee is inexpensive. They have a pretty nice website. I had to check out your original review and from the looks of it, they really have improved.

    1. Hi Andres:

      Miss Hosting is a great option when looking for a web hosting company. They are a kid on the block, but they have grown to be a company with great potential. Most hosting companies do have 24 service support and at the writing of this review they did not, but I was told they were working on getting it to be 24 service.

      I am glad you checked out my original review of Miss Hosting, because it will help to provide insight into the potential they are showing. Thank you for reading it.

      Have a wonderful day!

  4. Miss Hosting seems pretty legit. The prices are not bad either. I see you have to pay for a year in advance but I think everybody does that such as NameCheap, One.com and BlueHost. Its not that expensive anyway. I would probably sign up for this if I haven’t already paid for my webhosting. But anyways good informative site keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Brandon:

      I am glad you liked my review of Miss Hosting. You are correct. It is common practice for web hosting companies to want you to pay for the entire year upfront. Not all of them do though. Wealthy Affiliate lets you go month by month with an option to pay yearly at a discount. And yes, I agree Miss Hosting is certainly less expensive than many of them are.

      Thank you for checking out my review.


  5. Steph,

    Thank you for this review on Miss Hosting. Quality hosting is really important for all business owners who have any intention of having a good online presence. For me, quality matters. I like the detail that you went into in the review and I”m glad you were able to get a chance to update the review based upon Miss Hosting’s growth, that shows me that you really care about representing products in an up-to-date and professional manner.

    I look forward to continue seeing other products you recommend or do not recommend.


    1. Hi Bryan:

      Thank you for the comment. Miss Hosting is a growing web hosting company that I am sure will add value to anyone wanting to build an online business and design a website.

      And yes, I do take a great deal of pride in making certain that all products I recommend or do not recommend are presented with the utmost honesty and professionalism. We have all seen too many sites which give a really brief review of a product without providing accurate and up-to-date information. I want this website to be different with updates, honesty, integrity and a high standard of professionalism and detail.

      I look forward to having you come back to my website for further reviews and updates. Keep in touch!


  6. Hi Steph!

    I must say that with this article on your site I feel that now I read perhaps one of the most thorough, knowledge-filled, well-articulated and highly-intelligent reviews of a company seen on most any other site by comparison.

    Any visitor reading your review would be able to obtain ALL of the information that would be necessary and allowing them to make an educated choice to pursue this hosting source for their online business.

    You even included relevant links leading back to a previous review that you gave of this same company.

    You also took the time to post an image comparing the overall cost of this company versus those of its competition.

    Overall it was a pleasure reading your article- many others would be well-advised to take note of how well you wrote such an outstanding article; as indeed I found it in a way to be a tutorial on how to write up a high quality review!

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Jeff:

      Thank you for the comments regarding my article on Miss Hosting. Miss Hosting is brand new company and has only been around for a short while. When I did my initial review of Miss Hosting they were not as well established as they are now. You mentioned my article was kind of a tutorial for you on how to write a product review. I have many other tutorials on my website that I would like to welcome you to check out.

      Thank you for visiting my website today. Please come back and visit soon.


      1. Thank you Steph for the acknowledgement about other tutorials that you have on your website. Actually as I read your article, I noticed that you had something on Pinterest. com. I’m now going to check out what you have written as a tutorial about that social media outlet. I do make use of it already, but perhaps you can show me other methods to allow me to really incorporate Pinterest into how I both promote my websites, but also potentially attract business for people interested in my niches.
        Thank you again,

        1. Hi Jeff:

          I am delighted to show you some of the computer tutorials on my website in both textual step-by-step and video format. Yes, on the sidebar I have a couple Pinterest boards that you can follow which directly tie to this this website. I do use Pinterest to help promote this site. I have a Pinterest board for my product reviews as well as my computer tutorials. In order to attract business from Pinterest for people interested in your niches, you should locate and follow other Pinterest boards with similar interests. Once you follow boards of similar interests, they may also decide to follow your Pinterest boards.

          I hope you enjoyed reading my updated review of Miss Hosting. Be sure to check out my other web hosting reviews so to make sure you have the information you need to decide on your best web hosting solutions.


  7. Hi Steph Hill,

    Nice review about Miss Hosting! I have’t heard of them before. I see they have VPS service. I am also forex trader and I am looking for second alternative for VPS. Why? The reason is because of something has gone with my primary VPS. I need to switch it to secondary VPS. Do you know if they offer VPS service for forex trading? One thing, I live in South Asia. Can I register their service? Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed thorough review of Miss Hosting. I can see they are making improvements to their services and support. I do wish, however, they offered 24 hour support.


    1. Hi Christian:

      Thank you for reading my updated review of Miss Hosting. They certainly have changed since the time of my original review of Miss Hosting. In answer to your question, I am not sure if they offer VPS service for forex trading or not. They are offering a service in which you can test their VPS or a Dedicated Server for free for 30 days. It is not a money back guarantee. You actually get the service for free. At the end of the billing period, if it is to your liking, you can upgrade and if it is not, you can decline. My recommendation is to call the number listed on their website which is 1-888-539-8866 and ask them.

      As far as being in South Asia, I believe you can access them in South Asia as they are available globally via the internet, but the customer support staff only speak in English and Swedish. They are headquartered in Europe/Sweden.

      I hope that answers your questions. Thank you again for visiting my site.


  8. I have never heard of Miss Hosting. To tell you the truth two months ago I hadn’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate either. I gave them a chance. I will have to check out the site you recommended. I haven’t purchased a domain yet. When I am ready to I will look at Miss Hosting. Thanks for sharing. Vicky

    1. Hi Vicky:

      Thank you for checking out my review of Miss Hosting. When you are ready to purchase your domain, you can certainly give them a try. Miss Hosting is a brand new company but they seem to be coming along from when I wrote my original review of Miss Hosting. Have a great day!


  9. Steph,

    Very nicely written review of Miss Hosting. I’ve never heard of them but after your review they look like a viable choice.

    I like how you effectively and naturally worked in the piece about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Yours is the second site I’ve seen today that has an affiliate disclaimer link. I like it but until I haven’t seen it. I will look into it.

    Did you learn about that in WA training?


    1. Hi Bob!

      Miss Hosting is a brand new company and yes, they are a viable option indeed. Thank you for the compliment on working in the piece on Wealthy Affiliate. WA does not offer domain registration, and thus, if you chose to join WA or already belong, you will still need to purchase your domain somewhere. WA promotes Namecheap as being one option, but there are other options to consider, and I think being able to help out a new company such as Miss Hosting is a good way to pay it forward.

      To answer your question about my affiliate disclaimer, I recommend anyone who does internet marketing to put one of their website to help show you are completely transparent. It is the honest thing to do.

      Thank you for visiting my site.


  10. Hi there,

    Just had a look at Miss Hosting. It seems to be getting there! I’d personally never heard of it but will surely look in to trying out their cloud hosting. 🙂 It’s always good to try out new hosting platforms to see how they compare to others. How would you say it works compared to working through Wealthy Affiliate platform?

    1. Hi Maarten:

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my website. Miss Hosting is improving. They have come a long way since I wrote my initial review of Miss Hosting. With any new start-up, it takes a while to become established. As far as comparing to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it is hard to compare, because Miss Hosting is a web hosting program and Wealthy Affiliate is a training program for those who wish to grow an online business.

      One thing that Miss Hosting does not offer is domain registration, so I would at least recommend getting your domain through Miss Hosting and if you wish to go premium at Wealthy Affiliate, you can host your website(s) there and go through the training. Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you can also check out the training I have done which helps new members.


  11. Nice review, I’ll have to check out the original. I’m glad you reviewed this again. It sounds like it was a worth while outfit after all/ Sometimes you just don’t know about the new kids on the block until they’ve been around a while.

    1. Hi Debra:

      Yes, it is definitely true. You do not know about the new kids on the block when it comes to new businesses until they have been around for a while. Thank you for visiting today.


  12. Excellent review. It is always nice to find out about new companies as competition helps to lower the rates for all of us.

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