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Storing Your Videos and Images

Are you creating videos and screenshots to display on your website or social media sites?  Is your memory on your computer hard drive filling up quickly with tons of videos?  If so, there is a software tool which offers free online video storage.  It is called I have created a very basic step-by-step video tutorial on how to create an account, create folders, save your video files into folders and adjust the privacy settings on your videos.  There are more advanced features which I will cover in a later computer tutorial on this free online video storage, but I wanted first to give you a place to easily and without using your own personal computer storage, store your videos.  There is no limit the number of videos you can upload.  Although I recommend this free tool, there is an option to upgrade, but not necessary unless you find you need more power and features.

Comparison of Screencast Video Development Software

If you have not begun creating videos and not sure where to begin nor what software to best use for video development, check out my comparison of screencast video software.  I compiled a list of video software to help you decide which one will be best for you based on your needs and budget.  Many of them are free and as you probably already know from other articles on this site, I advocate for anything that is free.

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8 thoughts on “Free Online Video Storage

  1. Hi Steph, Your free screencast page is just great this is what i have been looking for somewhere to save all my videos and screen shoots it will save me heaps of space on my laptop thank you i will be singing up save the site thanks lozza

    1. Hi Lozza (Lorraine):

      I am pleased to hear that the video has answered your dilemma as to where to store your videos and photos. And yes, it does save heaps of space on your hard drive of your laptop. I am delighted you will be saving this website for further reference. Please be sure to check out some of other computer tutorials I have on this site, such as different software for creating your videos.


  2. Great post, offers a nice solution for a storage problem I was having. I’m sure many people running websites will benefit from this info. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Bryan:

      Thank you and I am glad the information was helpful in finding a solution to your storage needs. I agree that many people who are in charge of developing and running websites will find value from this information.


  3. I have been just storing all my files and videos on an external hard drive but was looking for another way to save them because I have had many hard drives die on me before and I am always concerned that if something happens to my hard drive I would be left in a pickle. This screencast tool seems like a great way to safely back up all my files, although I will probably keep them on my external hard drive too just for an extra measure of precaution. But thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi Tom:

      I recently had a hard drive crash on me and I lost literally hundreds of pictures and videos that are irreplaceable. Some were related to business, but many were personal and sentimental including ones of my recently departed father. I will never be able to get those pictures back. The nice thing about this tool is that it can hold not only your professional videos, but photos that are near and dear to you. You can create a folder called “personal” for instance and upload files of your family, children, pets, etc — things that are special to you. And if you have a hard drive failure, they are safe. I do understand however your need to still want to keep things on your external hard drive.


  4. wow what a great tool to save space and keep back ups of your website I really like the way you explain how to do this and give step by step instructions

    1. Hi David:

      Thank you for the comment and I am thrilled it helps you to save space on your hard drive. It is a great tool to keep backups of your website as well as personal items that you do not want to lose. Please come back soon.


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