How to Create Facebook Business Page: Video Tutorial

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This video walks you through how to set up a Facebook Business Page. If you do not already have a Facebook account you are strongly encouraged to create one so to help build your social networks. With a FB business page, you can leverage yourself within the social media platforms. It is simple to create and I have broken it down for you in this quick 6 minute video.

Below I have outlined the first five steps you will probably need to get started, but if you wish to watch the video, you can see me create a FB business page from start to finish.

Step 1

If you do not already have a FB account, be certain to set up on.

Step 2

Once your account is set up, sign in and click on “Create Page” along the side of your FB personal page.   You will see it under PAGES on the left hand side.

Step 3

Select the appropriate category. Select the one that is best suited for your business.  For me and this website, I selected “Website” and if you have a website you are promoting through your online business, that might work for you as well.

Step 4

If you selected company, you will want to select the type of company you want to develop your Facebook Business page for.

Step 5

Click on Get Started button

I hope this video tutorial is helpful along with the brief step-by-step instructions I wrote below the video.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below.  I will reply shortly.

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