How to Create and Manage Bookmarks in Google Chrome

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Bookmarking in Google Chrome

With so many websites to visit and fall in love with, how do you create a way to save those websites and manage them all?  Your answer lies in creating bookmarks.  The below video tutorial walks you through the process of how to create bookmarks in Google Chrome.    The bookmarking feature is diverse in all the internet browsers.  Google Chrome is one of the more popular browsers and therefore, I used Google Chrome with demonstrating how to create a bookmark.  With the use of bookmarks, people can easily locate and access websites that they wish to refer to often, because there is no way you could possibly remember certain websites.

Setting a Startup Page in Google

In addition to learning how to create a bookmark in the video tutorial below, I show how to change your homepage in Google Chrome so when you click on the Google Chrome icon, you will be taken to the specific webpage you specified.

set a startup page in Google
Create a Google Homepage

Video on Bookmarking in Google Chrome

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5 thoughts on “How to Create and Manage Bookmarks in Google Chrome

  1. I do A LOT of research using chrome and I’m quite an avid bookmarker. I’ve found this post useful as I usually just dump then in there but lack proper organization as I have to scroll down a long page at times before I find (and remember) what I’m looking for, so this has definitely been of help.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ty:

      I too am an avid user of Google Chrome and like you, I would just dump the websites I wanted to bookmark into the big bookmark “hole”. I am also working on being more organized with my bookmarks. This tutorail was almost as much for me as it was for my readers. Thank you for visiting today.


  2. This was a great tutorial. I knew about the star but didn’t know you could drag the website to the bar. I use this frequently. I need to go in and reorganize them. I appreciate your help in the tutorial.

  3. Hey there Steph, this is a very useful practice, I use this myself. It makes revisits a whole lot easier, what an idea. Only difference is I use explorer.

    1. Hi Elliedan:

      I am glad to hear you use this practice as well to keep track of all your websites. Since you use Internet Explorer, the process and technique will be different, because different browsers handle bookmarks differently. Thank you for watching the video and I hope you return to my site to discover more.

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