Interserver Webhosting Review

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PRODUCT NAME: Interserver Web Hosting and VPS Plans
Overall Ranking:  8 out of 10

  • $4.95 per month for Web Hosting
  • $6 per month for VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • $59 per month for Dedicate Server
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prices for interserver
Prices for InterServer

Owners: Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri

InterServer Banner



Interserver has been around for 16 years and is headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey in the USA.   Mike Lavrik and John Quaglieri were tech-savvy high school students when they founded InterServer.  They were two young boys who had a dream and made it a reality.  InterServer is a story about the hopes and dreams of two young teenagers who worked hard and dedicated themselves to see their dreams come true. Sixteen years later, both Mike and John are committed to their company by being on the site ensuring everything is running smoothly.   InterServer has its own data center and builds their own servers and their own Linux kernels.

Another thing that sets this web hosting apart from others is that they give back to their community by visiting and donating to a school for students with disabilities and autism and Teaching Kids to be Techy so that when the kids graduate they will be able to hold a job in the technology field.  Not too many companies give back to their community like this one.

InterServer Gives to School to Help Teach Kids to be Tech-Savvy
InterServer Gives to School to Help Teach Kids to be Tech-Savvy



  • Low monthly competitive price
  • Practices in philanthropic policies of giving back to their community and serving disadvantaged individuals
  • Original owners are still active and present on the site
  • Offers dedicated server and VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Has its own data center
  • Builds their own servers and Linux kernels
  • Offers colocation solutions  to help ensure a scalable future-proof footprint. Colocation is a service provided within a data center facility such as the one offered at InterServer where some combination of power, cooling, physical security, fault-tolerant space and network bandwidth can be rented by retail customers.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Although there is a noticeable link for LiveChat off their website, when I clicked on it, it did not work.  I was re-directed to the website’s homepage without being connected to LiveChat.  Not sure if it was a browser issue on my computer, but if InterServer advertises a LiveChat it sound be available and always accessible.
  • Is only available in  USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe.  It is not available outside of those areas.
  • Did not see much in the way of training and tutorials.  You are required to have a good base knowledge of web hosting services.  However, the reviews seem to indicate customer service staff are friendly and are willing to answer even the basic questions.


InterServer can be for anyone has a website from the freelancer who is working online to the Fortune 500 company.  Depending on your need level, InterServer has you covered.


I could not find much in the way of training or tutorials.  Off the website under forum, I found a section called Tutorials which seems to be a list of tutorials submitted by various customers of InterServer and the issues seemed rather advanced, but not sure if there are any easy to follow tutorials for the beginners to website building, hosting and building an online business.  I also checked on YouTube but only saw advertisements such as the video I have above, but did not see a section on tutorials and how to use their cPanel interface or similar potential needs.


I have done research on InterServer and every review I have read says the customer support is fabulous, very friendly and approachable.  I have not discovered one person or review that paints the customer support at InterServer in a negative light.


My final opinion/verdict regarding InterServer is that it seems to be one of the more highly recommended web hosting packages available.  I am concerned, however, by the seemingly lack of training and learning tools.  This website is intended for those who are new to building a website, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing and new to learning how to a build an online business.  Therefore, I weigh training and learning resources highly in my reviews, so I give InterServer an 8 instead of a 10.  The LiveChat not seemingly functional on their website was an issue as well.

If you were new to online business entrepreneurship like I was not that long ago, I suggest checking into Wealthy Affiliate which offers web hosting, training, technical support, community engagement, active LiveChat, and an incentive program.

Thank you for checking out my review today of InterServer. I would love to hear from my readers. Please leave a comment or question below and I will respond shortly.

Steph Hill

Greetings! It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Stephanie and the aim of this website is to help newcomers to the field of internet marketing by providing free easy-to-follow tutorials, product reviews and resources. I hope you find the information useful and down-to-earth. My background is in librarianship, technical writing, special education, software training and web design. Please leave a comment with your questions and I will be happy to answer them.

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8 thoughts on “Interserver Webhosting Review

  1. Hello there Stephanie,

    InterServer Webhosting actually sounds like a pretty good deal. $4.95 a month I think compares with other well knows hosting services like host gator. I think the downfall with both like you pointed out is that InterServer doesn’t have private coaching or training available. This is something that when your a newbie is very valuable to have and cool that Wealthy Affiliate actually provides. Thank you for pointing out both programs so I could check them out side by side and make an informed decision myself!


    1. Hi Anthony:

      Thank you for reading my review of InterServer. I think for the price, InterServer is a great deal. However, if you are brand to building a website and learning how to make money online through your website, you are better off joining Wealthy Affiliate because you get the hosting plus the training and the community.

      Please feel free to browse other pages on my website, because I have other web hosting reviews you can check out as well.


  2. I love the fact that the owners give something back to the local community – if only more companies would do the same.

    At the moment I am looking for a different web hosting company and interserver appear to be reasonably priced. Have you any experience of migrating a website over to them? I have had some bad experiences with other companies in the past.

    1. Hi Boyo:

      I agree with you in that I like to see companies that are successful and making lots of money giving back to their communities by helping students with disabilities. I am always partial to companies that do not. As you said, if only more companies would do the same.

      I do not have any personal experience with migrating a website over to them, but their advertising features a system for easy migration of other websites. They claim to take the headache out of it and for no additional charge will do the entire migration process for you. So check out InterServer and let me know how their migration process works out for you.


  3. Hello Steph , interesting review , always good to know of companies that donate back to communities.

    They offer a wide variety of services , however you did not make it to the Live Chat.Did you try to send a support ticket?

    …I guess it is most suitable for advanced marketers and website owners as they do not provide training and other tools.

    Their prices seem very fair , so I might check them out.Thank you for your “lights” on this one.

    1. Hi Tasos:

      Thank you for checking out my review of InterServer. I too love to hear about companies who give back to their communities. InterServer does offer a great deal of services for a very reasonably price. But, they do fall short on the training and tutorials from what I can tell.

      In answer to your question about the LiveChat not being accessible, I sent an email to them. That was two days ago and I have not heard back yet. I might send a follow-up email to another email address listed on their contact page.

      I do have web hosting reviews you can check out by going to Miss Hosting or BlueHost.


  4. Very informative article on the web hosting product. Being a novice at this internet marketing stuff, I tend to follow the ‘simplest’ steps possible when choosing a place for my hosting.

    The price for InterServer was reasonable, but I agree with your other option, Wealthy Affiliate. I like FREE. You get so much more for your very small monthly investment when you sign up for WA beyond hosting that its a no-brainer.

    1. Hi Cathy:

      Thank you for reading my review on InterServer. InterServer is a great web hosting program. I like how two tech-savvy high school students set off on their dream and achieved it. If someone is just looking for web hosting only and did not need to learn how to build a website or how to build an online business, InterServer is a great place to look into it.

      And yes, if you are in need of more support, a very helpful community, step-by-step training, accessible owners and Ambassadors who are ready and willing to help, Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice. It comes down to your needs and what someone is looking for.


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