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Review of Excel Cash Flow: Is it a Scam?

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PRODUCT NAME:    Excel Cash Flow
Overall RankingSCAM
Price:  $97 initially followed by numerous upsales, one after another
Owners:  Debbie Jones or Cami White (assuming they really exist which they probably do not)

Website: https://excelcashflows.com/ 

Excel Cash Flow: A Total Scam
Excel Cash Flow: A Total Scam


Excel Cash Flow is another link posting scam.  It is a fairly new program which began earlier this year and run supposedly by two women named Cami White and Debbie Jones, although I am not even sure if they truly exist.  They claim you can makes tons of money from home with very little training or time devoted.  They are indicating you can learn to be a Search Engine Agent which is someone whom they claim works from their home posting links for major corporations on websites.

Excel Cash Flow makes it sound like you are working from home for one company in a traditional job setting.  They claim companies are in high demand for people to work for them to post links to their websites, so they can generate traffic to their sites and earn profits.  The reality of this is that Google and other search engines are much more sophisticated today than they used to be and cheap strategies such as link posting is a thing of the past.  Nowadays, you need to have quality content and effective search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve high ranking in Google.

Excel Cash Flow tries to tell you that you get paid for every link you post.  They claim you get paid an average of $15.00 per link.  That is not true.  You would only get paid if someone actually clicked on your link and made a purchase.  And then you would receive a commission from the sale.  These links are called affiliate links and yes you can make money through affiliate marketing, but not in the way Excel Cash Flow is trying to convince you.   The techniques Excel Cash Flow are instructing their members on is called spamming and posting spam links on most sites will get you banned from posting on them.

Excel Cash Flow also neglects to tell you that it takes a long time to get paid from these companies. Sometimes it can take up to three months or more because of the fraud prevention system that many companies use.  In addition, there is typically a minimum threshold for pay out.

The honest answer when it comes to working online is that is takes much time and dedication.  You have to work hard and commit to a number of hours per week per month.  It will take months before you begin to see any real revenue.  It is like with building a brick-and-mortar business.  It will take time and yes, it will pay off eventually but it will not happen overnight.  Any company, such as Excel Cash Flow, that tries to tell you any different is a scam and not a legitimate online opportunity.



  • Easy to Join


  • Misleading and incorrect information about the reality of working online
  • Costly to join and has constant upsales
  • No free trial or free membership options
  • Over-hyped (when something is overly hyped, it usually means it is a scam)
  • No real substance to what they are claiming
  • Making false promises and hiding the truth


This is for someone who is looking to work from home and spend more quality time with their family.  However, this is not the way to do it.  Please do not throw your money away on this type of scam.  There are other legitimate ways of working online full-time or part-time.


Based on the initial false promises and inaccurate information provided in their their hyped up sales pitch, I am pretty certain that their training (what little there probably is) is mostly likely also inaccurate and teaches you the unethical and ineffective way of creating an online business.


I can only imagine how horrible the support would be.  Once their members are suckered into joining and they begin to see the reality and truth behind this scam, they will undoubtedly be met with a brick wall when they try and reach out to the owners for support.  The way these types of scams work is that once they get your money, there is no support.


My final opinion is that Excel Cash Flow is a complete scam and to please do not waste your time and money. There are legitimate online opportunities out there.  My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

Please leave any comments you have below, especially if you have first hand experience with this company.  I would love to hear from you.

Steph Hill

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23 thoughts on “Review of Excel Cash Flow: Is it a Scam?

  1. Your post educates those interested in affiliate marketing on how scams work and what they prey on–people’s desire to make money to take care of their families, go to school, save, etc.

    I appreciate the point on how it takes dedication and hard work and commitment to see results with affiliate marketing. Even if a person initially gets great results, you have to be diligent to keep it going.

    BTW, if you could put a price on the free training at Wealthy Affiliate, what would it be?

    1. Hi Den:

      I am glad you were able to see the points that I was trying to hammer home and how scams such as Excel Cash Flow work and they try and scam innocent people out of their hard earned money. In answer to your question about Wealthy Affiliate and trying to put a price tag on the free training they offer, I think it would be almost impossible, because not only is their training offered for free by the the co-founder Kyle, but veteran members of Wealthy Affiliate also have training offered. I myself am an Ambassador of Wealthy Affiliate and I have over 30 tutorials that are available to the free members. All of my lessons and tutorials are geared towards teaching the newbie to affiliate marketing and SEO how to get stared.

      Thank you for reading my review of Excel Cash Flow. I am glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Hey Steph,

    Thanks for exposing this scam. I get fed up whenever I see a scam. The worst part is that most of these scams don’t even teach anything valuable. If at least you could get a tiny bit out of it…
    But instead you learn nothing lose a lot of money and get annoyed for it.
    If you look at the comparison you did with Wealthy Affiliate and this scam it is quite obvious that no one should even consider joining this trash.
    Thanks for warning us,

    1. Hi Esteban:

      I am glad you have chosen to visit my website again and read my latest product review about exposing one of the newest scams that are out there today. I am very delighted to warn everybody about these types of scams that are out to only steal your money and teach you nothing about how to run a legitimate online business opportunity. Thank you for checking out. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the better way to go when searching for a program which costs nothing to join and gives you the option of upgrading if and when you are ready. There is no pressure. I am glad you liked the comparison between the two.


  3. Everything is very open with a very clear explanation of
    the issues. It was really informative. Your website is very helpful. I enjoyed reading this article and your Herbalife review. I had heard of other pyramid scams just like these two.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  4. HI, thank you for the review, scams are the worst in this world, it’s so awful when you’re getting your money back and they never answer to your emails.
    To be sincere this is one of the worst scams I’ve ever seen on internet for what you say. I wonder if I join wealthy affiliate, can I stop paying when I want? Have you ever had any problem? Do you have any experience as premium?

    1. Hi Nataly:

      I am thrilled you found the review of Excel Cash Flow useful and yes, please do not waste your hard earned money on investing into this scam. They are a rip-off artist.
      You asked about Wealthy Affiliate and yes, they are legitimate and they can have a policy allowing you to cancel anytime. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join with no credit card payment required. You are only asked for a credit card if you decide to go premium and the choice is always up to you. You are given any hype or pressure to go premium. You can build two free websites. Plus, compared to the many overpriced and ineffective programs out there, Wealthy Affiliate is effective with only honest people involved. Yes, I do have experience as a premium member. But I am not just a premium member, I am one of the Ambassadors of Wealthy Affiliate. Check them out for yourselves by going to Get Started.


  5. Hi Steph,

    Don’t you just hate all the Scams out there, the biggest one the all the pyramid schemes! It really is a shame good folks that just want or need to get ahead and are willing to work at it have to deal with all junk out there! Thanks for your heads up review. Nice site by the way!


    1. Hi Julie:

      I could not have said it better myself. Yes, it does make me sick how so many scams, such as pyramid schemes, are out there and taking advantage of hard working people who are only wanting to better themselves and get ahead. I am glad you enjoyed my review of the latest scam that we are seeing out there – Excel Cash Flow. Stay away-far away. And thank you for the compliment on my site. I appreciate it greatly.


  6. I wondered about their use of the Microsoft “EXCEL” usage. That in itself seems shady and as if the company wanted to ride the coat tails of a business that was extremely successful instead of going some great work of their own.

    I’m glad that you didn’t even give it a mumerical rating, just “scam”, Love it!

    1. Hi Debra:

      It does seem very suspicious that they chose a name like “Excel” doesn’t it? I know MicroSoft Excel gets many hits a day due to it’s wide use of the spreadsheet program, Excel. I am glad you enjoyed my review. And no, I did not think they even deserved a numerical rating, because they are 100% SCAM.


  7. Great tips Steph! Can they get away with using the name EXCEL which is part of the MS office suite? I wonder…

    I think most of us have fallen for similar scams in the past. Your review is a light in the darkness of internet scamsters. I like the comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Excel. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Tom:

      Thank you for your comment. You have mentioned a great point – can they use the word Excel since it is a trademark of MicroSoft Excel. I honestly don’t know. They may have tried to use that name as a way to get rankings in Google. When people search for MicroSoft Excel, they are perhaps hoping they will be able to piggyback off the good name of MicroSoft. Great point and observation.


  8. Hello Steph,
    It’s a shame there are so very many scam artists out there preying on the desperate and innocent online money making seekers.
    Good for you, that another one has been exposed!!
    All the best to you,

    1. Hi Sharon:

      I am happy to expose this scams for what they are and hopefully save innocent people from getting victimized by these scam artists. I am glad you enjoyed the article. I will be posting additional scams so please come back to read more.


  9. Thanks for the heads up Steph. If I didn’t know the little bit about internet marketing that I do then it would have been quite easy for me to get suckered into this scam. $15 for leaving a link on someones site is a red flag.
    Most of the internet marketing out there is simply a ploy to get money out of the vulnerable. To offer false promises and false hope to others that are simply wanting to better their lives.
    I agree with you Wealthy Affiliate is a great alternative to those scams.

    1. Hi Chris:

      Thank you for checking out my review on Excel Cash Flow. Companies like this and Herbalife are only out to make themselves rich, but they never stop to think about the devastation they are placing on those vulnerable innocent people who only want to better themselves and provide a way to earn a decent and honest living. The one program which I know to not only help you by providing the proper training and resources, but also lets you help others to learn the same through a philosophy of pay-it-forward is Wealthy Affiliate. That is my #1 recommendation.


  10. Very well done review on this scam site Steph. There are just too many of them out there and im glad people like you are putting them to shame. Excel Cash Flow is such an inviting name its no wonder why this site is even up. Wealthy Affiliate is definitly the way to go and i hope to see you post more

    1. Hi Daniel:

      Thank you reading my review of Excel Cash Flow. You are absolutely correct about there being too many scams out there. I am happy to put these type of companies to shame. Wealthy Affiliate is for sure the better choice. Have a wonderful day. Look for more posts in the future.


  11. Hi Steph,
    Thanks for your review on this Excel Cash Flow Program. After reading your opinion, I think I agree with you that it is a scam. Generating an income online requires time and effort and I don’t think that it can be achieved so fast and easily as claimed by the program.

    1. Hi Saber:

      Excel Cash Flow is definitely a scam and I am hoping that my article helps saves thousands of people from making a mistake by joining them. They only exist to rip off innocent people. If they feel that the only way to get you to sign up is to lie to you about the reality of working online. Because as you said, generating an income online requires time and effort and could never be achieved as easily as they say. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.


  12. Dear Steph

    Excellent review on Excel Cash Flow.

    I have personally never heard of this particular scam but, from what you say, if I ever do, I will avoid it like the plague.

    It sounds dreadfully expensive to join – $97 is really over the top. And, as you say, constant up sells for what sounds little or no reward.

    It does take hard work and dedication to build a successful online business and it is not something that happens overnight, as I, and possibly you, have learnt.

    Thanks for the warning and I will continue to plod away with Wealthy Affiliate.



    1. Hi Lucinda:

      Thank you for reading my review of Excel Cash Flow. It is certainly a scam and one to be avoided for sure. Whenever a company is overly hyped on trying to sell you their products, it is a sign they are not being honest and trustworthy.

      You have made an awesome decision in deciding to go with Wealthy Affiliate. They are legitimate and there is no pressure. You can join for free and only upgrade when and if you are ready.


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