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Legitimate Resource for Writers

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Legitimate Resource for Writers

If you are a writer and you are looking for assistance with moving your career in a forward direction, check out First Writer. This website provides resources finding literary agents, book publishers, writing competitions, magazine publishers, editorial services, and more.  The mission of the website is to provide you with all the information you need to progress in your writing career.  It is a one-stop shopping for all your writing resources.

The First Writers Literary Agent Database  has literally hundreds of agents you can search through.  You do not want to waste your valuable time searching through reference books of literary agents, trying to find the one who may be interested in your work.  This where you can save ample time with a few clicks of the mouse, you can drill down the exact listing of agents your work is most compatible with.  There are 15 variables you can enter into this database which will pinpoint those literary agents within a few second.  This permits you time to continue working on your next masterpiece. In addition, you can sign up for InstantAlerts which will give you updated leads on new literary agents for which you can quickly connect with while they are still thirsty for new talent.

Poetry Contest
International Poetry Competition

You may be a poet and want to enter your beautiful poems into a First Writer Poetry Competition.  Prizes are worth over $500.  Be sure to submit your poem(s) by the deadline of October 1, 2015.  It is the 14th International Poetry Competition honoring any poem of any style of any subject under 30 lines long.  You can submit 1, 3, 5 or 10 poems in one submission.  There will be a first prize followed by 10 special commendations.  All winners will be published in FirstWriter magazine. Winning poetry competitions can boost your reputation and fame.

Reading fees do apply:FirstWriter Logo

  • If you enter 1 poem, you pay $4.50
  • If you enter 3 poems, you pay $3.75 per poem
  • If you enter 5 poems, you pay $3.00 per poem
  • If you enter 10 poems, you pay $2.25 per poem

These competitions are a legitimate way to advance your career as a writer and gain more publicity for yourself as a well-known writer.  You can check out a listing of previous winners as well as review entries which have been successful in the past.

Do you write short stories and not poetry?  There is a First Writer Short Story Contest as well.  There are many legitimate opportunities available for writers using this resource.  Learn more you can connect to your readers.   Being able to connect to your readers through your content will help build rapport and trust.


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4 thoughts on “Legitimate Resource for Writers

  1. Great resource Steph. Thank you for bringing it up.

    Actually I am not a beginner writer but I like to write my own posts for my website and would like to pay some money for somebody to read them and comment before publishing them.

    1. Thank you John!

      I totally appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Since you say you enjoy writing posts for your website and developing content, you may want to check out Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project because they offer training (either FREE or premium) on content development and getting people to your site to read your blog posts.


  2. You have gave some wonderful sites for first time writers to get noticed. I agree that if people want to get their work published, that this is a good starting point or even if you haven’t had any published work and have been writing for a while and trying to get noticed, you should submit your work to these place. Great job on your helpful article.

    1. Hi Lureita:

      Thank you for stopping today to read my post on helpful resources for writers and leaving a comment. I am hoping it is a useful site for either novice writers or veteran writers who want to change literary agents or wish to submit their works into a competition or any number of other resources offered the FirstWriter website.

      Thank you again and please come back from time to time as this website will grow and mature.


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