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How to Find Where Your Website Ranks in Google

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SERP: A FREE Tool for Checking Your Rank in Google

Do you have a website?  Have you just recently began building a website and how want a better idea of where your website ranks?  SERP is a free tool which will allow you to do just that.  The other thing I like about this free tool is that is pretty easy to use.  It does not require any technical skills or knowledge.

When building a website, you want to target specific keywords so you can achieve high rankings, a process known as search engine optimization.  What I aim to do is help you find a decent website ranking tool free.  There are a number of tools out there, but one that I will discuss today is SERP.

What is SERP?

SERP stands for search engine results page. Using your website URL and some keywords you select, you can quickly and accurately discover where you rank if someone were to use your selected keywords.  It is the position a website appears in a search engines results page.

If you have a website then the majority of your potential visitors will be directed to your website through search engines and the better your SERP ranking, the more visitors you will receive.

Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Use SERP

Go to SERP now.

SERP Initial Screen
SERP Initial Screen

Take a few minutes to explore the site to include checking out the How it Works box which answers many questions asked about SERP.

How Does SERP work?
How Does SERP work?

To Get Started with SERP, click on the FREE SERP Check button as shown in the image below:


Check your Google Rank Fee
Check your Google Rank Fee

Your first question you need to answer is  on selecting your region. The logical choice is the first one – Global (Google.com) but you can select from a long list of specific countries, depending on where you reside in the world.

Choose Your Region
Choose Your Region

Your next step will be to enter your domain name.  You do not need to enter https:// or www before your URL.

Enter Your Domain Name
Enter Your Domain Name

In the red text, you have the option also to enter upto three of your competitor’s websites if known or applicable.  By clicking on the red text Check for competitors URLSs? at the bottom of the box, you will see the additional entries pop up on the screen, as shown here.  This step is completely optional.

Enter Your Competitors URLs
Enter Your Competitors URLs

The next step is the most critical.  You want to enter your targeted keywords that you have researched and written your content around.  If you practice proper SEO, you should be ranked in the top 20 to 70 search results. You can enter up to 10 keyword phrases, but you do not have to fill in all 10.

Enter Your Keywords
Enter Your Keywords

After you have entered your targeted keywords, make sure to verify to the system that you are not a robot and are indeed a human.  Now double check everything is correct and click on the blue button that says Check SERP Now as shown below:

Click the button to check your postion rank
Click the button to check your postion rank

Once you get your results, take a few minutes to look them over. I have included my results below for this website.

My Results for this website
My Results for this website

There will be some keywords that you probably are ranked pretty high and some in which you do not make the top 300.  You will probably identify some areas where you know you want to spend more time concentrating on.  That is fine.  That is the purpose for using tools like this one.

Other Tools to Help with SEO

Other tools are available which also assist you with your SEO efforts.  One of them is Jaxxy which has both a FREE Jaaxy Trial account that allows you to conduct up to 30 free keyword searches.  You can also purchase Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise once you feel you are ready for more keyword power.



Another keyword tool that you may want to consider is available through Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project.  There is no limit.  You can conduct as many keyword searches as you like and it is available as a FREE member.

Please Comment Below

Thank you for reading my tutorial on this website ranking tool.  I would love to hear your feedback and questions as well as any relevant comments below.  I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts, good or bad.  I do reply in a timely manner to all comments.


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27 thoughts on “How to Find Where Your Website Ranks in Google

  1. Great article, I was looking for a free tool to help me see where I am ranking with google. I will definitely give Serp a try. I appreciate how down to earth your training is. So easy to understand.

    1. Hi Dawn:

      I am really glad this tutorial helped you with finding how you to detect where your website is ranked within Google. You can check a multitude of keywords with this one tool. Search Engine Optimization is an important factor when developing websites, so knowing and understanding how and where you are ranked is important.


  2. A quick note to tell you that I’ll be giving SERP a try! Thanks for presenting it in a tutorial that’s simpler and easier to understand. That’s the way it should be, and you’ve hit the mark with readers like me.

    1. Hi Sophie:

      I am glad to hear the tutorial on the free tool for finding where your website ranks was useful to you. SERPLAB is also accurate too. If you compare it with Jaaxy and the free keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate you will find it compares pretty nicely. Please come back and report how you like it when you get a chance.


  3. perfect I actually was wondering how you find out were you were rank thank you and im am going to bookmark you. i see an abundance of valuable info on your site..

    1. Hi Sharren:

      Pleasure meeting you. I do hope you will be back to visit my site as yes, there is plenty of information I have published so far which can help newbies to the world of online business make their goals and dreams of pursuing financial freedom a reality. Look forward to seeing you return soon.


  4. Hi Stephanie,

    After reading this article, I went to give SERPLab a try and I am amazed with the result. They are as accurate as Jaaxy, the ranking tool that I am using right now. Both of these tools must be sharing the same technology at the back end.

    Regardless, Jaaxy is still my tool of choice because it can do keyword research and check on my competition at the same time. I think Jaaxy churn out some of the best long tail keywords and my web content has really benefited from it. Plus, the interface is a lot less complicated than most tools out there, which is a huge time saver for me as a blogger.

    1. Hi Cathy:

      Thank you for visiting my page on the SERPLAB tool. I am a fan of Jaaxy as well but I also like to assist my readers in any way I can by providing cost effective alternatives. I agree Jaaxy is very powerful and offers some incredible features. What I sometimes do is use SERPLAB first and follow up with Jaaxy after finding out my initial ranking.

      Thank you for reading my article and I hope you come back soon.


    1. Hi Nnamdi:

      Thank you for providing an additional tool to find where your website ranks. I strongly encourage anyone who has used a similar tool to please share with everyone. Every FREE tool out there has advantages and disadvantages. I also suggest that you not just try one tool but others as well to get a good comparison of how each one works. I truly appreciate you Nnamdi sharing the one you are most familiar with. I look forward to seeing you again.



  5. This is a really informative article. I’m a big fan of Jaaxy and use it daily myself, but I definitely have to check this serplab tool out. thanks for enlightening me about it 🙂

    1. Hi Tommy!

      Thank you for the comment. Jaaxy is very useful for sure and can help locate keywords to target and once you have developed a post centered on your targeted keywords, SERPLAB can be extremely useful. Have a wonderful day!


  6. Hey Stephanie

    Awesome post. I think I may have been lazy or impatient when trying to check my rank in Google with this SERP tool. Your post has cleared up where I may have gone wrong. Off to try it again 🙂

    Thanks for the great help!

    BTW… Jaaxy Pro is an amazing Keyword Tool. I personally use Jaaxy and I recommend checking out the free trial of Jaaxy too and Could not imagine using anything else. The others are either out dated, or have way to many unnecessary and complicated stats and graph.

    Glad you have listed Jaaxy for your viewers.

    All of the best.

    1. Hi Marc:

      I am happy to have helped and I do realize SERPLAB can be a little confusing to use at first. That is why I was created this tutorial and others like it to make everything an ease to comprehend and follow.

      I agree Jaaxy both the Pro Version and the free trial with the free 30 searches are both useful depending on where you are with your website development. If you are brand new to internet marketing and building a website, the free version of Jaaxy is perfectly fine. Once you begin building out your business, you are best to go with the Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise.


  7. Thanks for this info. I’ve often wondered how to find my site’s ranking in Google. This is perfect. I appreciate the time you took to create this tutorial. Awesome!

    1. Hi Steve!

      The great thing about this tool is that it is free. Plus, there is much more to this tool than what I have showed you in this tutorial. You can, for instance, create a free account on SERPLAB and get even more information. You can check into my other tutorial on SERPLAB I wrote which you can access through Wealthy Affiliate.


  8. Great website, I could use this tool for sure! I was needing something exactly like this. You have helped me so much. I was checking my rank the hard way until I read your post. I am also looking into Jaaxy and read both of your pages on it. Considering that as well to help me.
    thanks for the good information! it is easy to check with this tool if you are ranked in google!
    keep on the good work!



    1. Hi Martin!

      I am thrilled you have found this tool to be useful. And yes, it is much easier to check your rank in Google using SERPLAB than trying to do it the hard way. I too was trying to do it the hard way at first as well. The nice thing about the SERPLAB is that you can easily and effectively check multiple keywords at the same time. Keyword research can be very difficult. Jaaxy is another tool that is available which can assist you with your keyword research. And have you find the keywords and write content utilizing what you find in Jaaxy, you can use SERPLAB to see where you rank.


  9. Thank you for sharing this tip.

    Your step by step guide is clear and easy to understand, and really useful for a beginner like me to monitor my progress. I have also enjoyed your many other tutorials posted on this website. I am also following you on your pinterest computer tutorials board. You have a way to taking complex concepts and making them simple to understand.

    1. Hi Han!

      I am glad to hear you were able to follow my computer tutorials. I have seen many tutorials on the internet which leave out critical steps that are needed to complete the tasks. Therefore, that is why I have created this website to show how easy it is for anyone and I do mean anyone to create an online business opportunity. There are so many scams out there and I wanted to be what seems to be one of the first to show those who really need a way to generate income from home how easy it is and I wanted to do in an honest and legitimate way.

      Once I complete a new training on this site, I do post it to my Pinterest Computer Tutorials Board so I am thrilled that you are following it as well. I also have a Pinterest Board on My Personal Reviews which I would like to recommend you follow as well.

      Thank you for your comment and I hope you come back soon!


  10. Very good info and put in a fresh way. You training is extremely valuable and I like how down to Earth your teachings are. I enjoyed reading your review of Jaaxy Pro too. I highly recommend this for people who need to know where their position is on Google. 🙂

    1. Hi Kimmie:

      I am glad the training is valuable to you and I hope many others also find it useful as well. Jaaxy is a powerful keyword tool which has been known to help boost rankings in Google and the more exposure a website gets, the more activity you will see on your site.


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