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Thank you for visiting my site.  My name is Steph. Earlier this year, my father passed away and life has been pretty hectic since then.  I had just visited my parents over the News Years holiday in 2014.  I fly back up North where I was living, a good thousand or so miles away and within one week after my return, I got a call indicating my father was going into the hospital for what at first seemed like a minor thing.  They kept him overnight and I spoke to him on the next morning.  He seemed upbeat and doing alright, although I had a nagging sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong.  I tried to shrug it off and went about my Saturday morning errands.

The very next morning, Sunday, I got the call no one ever wants to get.  I was getting ready for church when my mother called sobbing saying that he had a rough night and the hospital staff was recommending that I come out as soon as possible.  Like I said, the call no one ever wants to get. I got on the next plane out and arrived late that night.  Friends of the family arrived at the airport to pick me up at 11:30pm.  I got to the house around 1:00am.  Visiting hours at the hospital would not begin until 7:00m, so my mother and I got up at 6:00am and left for the hospital at 6:30am.  We arrived promptly at 7:00am.  After speaking to the doctors and nurses, they gave us an update on how he was doing.  He was unconsciuous with tubes connected to him in all areas of his body monitoring his vital signs.  He was being fed intravenously through numerous medications.  It was difficult to see my father in this state.  Three hours after I arrived with my mother, he went into cardiac arrest.  His pace maker kept him alive (marginally but brain-dead) until 5:42pm when they pronounced him.  That was on January 12, 2015.

After two weeks of planning the memorial services, making necessary immediate arrangements, writing various obituaries, informing family and friends what happened, and other pertinent matters.  As soon as I wrapped the immediate arrangements, I flew back North to begin the process of moving back down South to live with my mother so we could handle the rest of the more long-term effects involved with loving my father.

I am 44 years old and my parents were married 46 years and I am their only child, all the more critical I be the one to take care of my mother and begin a new chapter in my life. I was now in a position where holding now a traditional job like the ones I have had in the past would not really work anymore.  I needed something where I could work from home and have the freedom to take some time off if something came up relating to my father’s estate.  I also needed to be able to generate enough income to pay down the hospital bills, funeral expenses and keep up with the mortgage payments.

My father was the sole bread winner and my mother who was not at retirement age had not worked in years.  It was up to me to keep a roof over our heads. Oh, and did I mention, there was no life insurance policy, because who would expect to die at the young age of 69, a man who took care good of himself his entire life by working out, and he never smoked, or anything like that?

So I needed something which would generate a sizable income where I could work from home and most importantly, it of course, had to be a legitimate online opportunity.  Something that is difficult to find and seems pretty rare. But I finally after searching and signing up for various programs only to find I was throwing my money away on a scam, because once they get your money, you would never hear from them again. 

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate where the community was eager to help me along and the training was easy-to-follow and a massive amount available.  My first website I developed through my training at Wealthy Affiliate was a tribute site to my father and all of his accomplishments.  This signifies the reason behind developing this site – to help others find ways to spend more time at home with our beloved family members.

The founders are always available and answering questions and they did the initial main training themselves, but there is also training made available by veteran members of the community whom have learned the ropes and wish to pay it forward to the newer members. The best part of it is that it is free to join for the first seven days. After that it is only $19 for the first month and $47 each month after that. And you can cancel anytime if you no longer wish to be a part of WA.  There is absolutely no pressure either way.  And no upsales and no continuous annoying calls from representatives trying to make you change your mind, etc.  Wealthy Affiliate is one of VERY few LEGITIMATE online business opportunities.


Steph Hill

Greetings! It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Stephanie and the aim of this website is to help newcomers to the field of internet marketing by providing free easy-to-follow tutorials, product reviews and resources. I hope you find the information useful and down-to-earth. My background is in librarianship, technical writing, special education, software training and web design. Please leave a comment with your questions and I will be happy to answer them.

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16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Steph, I like your website a lot because it reflects your awesome personality: very compassionate, happy and cheerful all the time.

    I do like your posts as well: very informative and helpfull indeed. The only thing is that you have so many awesome teachings here that I barely can catch up with them. How do you actually have time for your other beautiful website, plus this one and then to be of so much help at WA community? I want to be like you when I grow up ;-)))

    Have and awesome day my friend!

    1. Hi Olivia:

      You are so kind. Thank you for stopping in today and reading my About Me page. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. You have hit on something that I am struggling with and that is time management – it seems like I do so much in such a short amount of time, but I think I do not do enough. I do appreciate your motivation and inspiration. It helps me to realize that I am making progress even though I do not see it at all times. My other website that I have up and running is, of course, my father’s tribute site. I created that one first after the loss of my father. It was kind of therapeutic in a way. It helped to peel away the layers of grief.

      Thank you again for visiting and leaving such a thoughtful comment.


  2. Hi Steph!

    Great website-I like your introduction about yourself
    and why you created this site-I always key in on this
    section when I first visit a site to make comments to
    understand why the designer made his site. Good introductions I’ve found always show compassion and enthusiasm which motivate me to continue evaluating your site.

    Well structured website-good use of relevant categories and drop-down windows to save space.Good usage of pics, videos and diagrams make the site visually appealing.

    Good start and good luck on your website – Lots of potential – I wish you the best on your site progress and hope you’ll find time to visit my site and leave me some feedback.



    1. Hi Tim:

      I am just like you. I too like to visit the webmaster’s About Me page so I can get an idea of who they are and where their inspiration comes from. I personally think telling your readers something about you and giving them a story allows them to connect with you more and connecting through your content is important to create a trusting and lasting relationship with your readership.

      I will be happy to offer you some feedback on your website. Send me an email at owner@legitimateonlineopportunity.com and I will respond shortly with some feedback. I hope you come back soon and have a terrific day!


  3. Hi Steph, Great website. Everything is very easy to follow. I read your about me page and I am sorry to hear about what has happened to your family with the loss of your father. Like you I am trying to get my online life going to get out of a job where they seem to take pride in making their customers unhappy. I love helping people not hurting them to I had to find an alternative. Best Wishes.

    1. Hi Ron:

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your sympathies. At times, I know that bad things will happen in our lives, but often times, good things can come from our losses too. I too was working in a low-paying job with people who sometimes were difficult and unappreciative. But I am happy to be more in control of my future and just like you, I love and thrive on being able to help people instead of hurt them. I have always lived my life by wanting to help and not hurt or put others down. Best wishes to you as well. Please come back and visit soon.


  4. Hi Steph, This is one of the most informative Websites I’ve ever been on and I’ve been on a lot of them. Your Articles are so Interesting, I just kept on reading. I was really touched by your About Me Page, It’s easy to tell that you’re a sincere individual who can relate to people through one of your own life experiences. Your tribute to your Dad is such a lovely way of keeping his memory alive. God Bless You for that.
    The look and feel of your website is warm and inviting, I know I will be back, as I’m sure so many of your readers will be too. Kindest Regards, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon!

      You are super kind. I appreciate your sweetness. It has been rough losing my father earlier this year, but that is why I am here doing a website which will help people who are also looking for ways to change their lives so they can spend more time with the people who matter. Life is much too short to spend it working 9 to 5 to help someone else’s bottom line.

      I am glad you find the look and feel my website to be warm and inviting. I am hoping it will give everyone you visits the chance to see how easy it is to make a living online. So many people do not think they can do it because they see it as being something that only the high tech people can do, but that simply is not true.

      I hope you come back soon!


  5. Hello, Steph! Your website provides a lot of really helpful information to people looking to get started with making money online or just starting their own website for hobby. The information was honest, appealing, and holds the attention in that it is short and to the point. The graphics used add to the value and support the content.
    Good job.


    1. Hi Brook!

      Thank you for stopping and reading my About Me page and reviewing my site. Yes, I have intended this site to be for the person who is just starting a business online or wants to build a small to medium size website for a niche or a hobby. I have wished to give an overall of everything that is needed. There will still be more material that I will be posting shortly. Please come back and feel free to comment on future content.


  6. Hi Steph…

    In general, your website looks professional and informative. I can understand, that you have been doing webdesign since 2004. Thank you for all the incredible information about how to build a website and how to do affiliate marketing and I especially enjoyed reading through your page on search engine optimization and the history of the world wide web. Your tutorial on HTML was helpful to people who do not know much about how to build a website from scratch.

    You must be an experienced lady.



    1. Hi Anders:

      Thank you for the comment you left on my About Me page. I am really happy that the information on my site proved resourceful and gave you some insight. Many people think that search engine optimization is difficult to learn and that you need lots of knowledge in computers, but the truth is anyone can learn it. If you interested in learning more about how to build an online business, you may want to read my review on Wealthy Affiliate and discover ways you can easily accomplish this. And you can get started for free, the only online learning platform that has that option.


  7. It is an honor to meet you. 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your future endeavors in successful online business. Thanks for sharing about your experiences and story with us. I believe you gave many people inspiration, including myself. I love your website and your article on Affiliate Marketing.


    1. Hi Angel:

      Thank you for leaving a note and learning more about who I am. I was happy to share my story and hopefully provide some hope and inspiration to others. Have a great day and thank you again for stopping by.


  8. Hi Steph – loved reading your story. You had quite a journey with your parents. I have a somewhat similar one and realize that taking care of our parents in their times of need is ultra important. Thanks for sharing your story.


    1. Hi Joan:

      Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed my story. Parents are pretty special indeed, that is for sure. And yes, it is important to take care of them in their time of need, because after all, they raised us and helped to make us the people we are today.
      Thank you for visiting Joan.


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