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Apple 15.4” MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Refurbished) – Great Deals on Groupon

The MacBook Pro offers an unbelievable sharp Retina display, quad-core processor and separate graphics processor into its slim and lightweight aluminum chassis, making even tough tasks to include video editing and programming more efficient on-the-go. This is a perfect computer for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and university students.

My youngest child is going to college in the fall and will be a film major.  This is the computer I got for him. I saved nearly 50% and with all of the other expenses we have when funding his education, it was a huge savings.  So, if you have a student going away to college in the fall, you too will be giving your child a great head start to achieving academic success. Get a MacBook Pro from Groupon

Retina Display: Lifelike Picture
The Retina display takes its name from the density of pixels which are packed together so tightly that they are indistinguishable at normal viewing distances. This produces a resolution so smooth and crisp that you can see individual eyelashes in photographs, grasp subtle details in movies and video games and read online articles as easily as if they were on a printed page.

Do More with High-Speed Thunderbolt
Whether you are uploading 4K video or backing up your entire photo library, Thunderbolt connectivity helps you move files to and from your computer smoothly. When connected to compatible devices, a Thunderbolt port supports data transfer speeds of up to 10GB/s—double the speed of USB 3.0—in both directions. With that kind of bandwidth, you can move large files and connect an external monitor, all from a single port.

Solid-State Drive: Speed and Reliabilityprice-on-macbook
The built-in solid-state drive (SSD) performs the same duties of a traditional hard-disk drive, but up to 100 times faster. Unlike hard-disk drives, SSDs don’t rely on moving parts to write, store, and retrieve data; instead, they use flash memory chips that can boot up your computer and launch apps in mere seconds. Without the moving parts, SSDs are also lighter, take up less space within your computer, and are less susceptible to damage and data loss from computer bumps.

Video Chat with Anyone, Anywhere
A built-in webcam can make it feel like people miles away are in the room with you, helping you connect more clearly than with a phone call or email. With my son going off to college, this was a great feature.  I can not only talk to him, but I can see his face.  You can also collaborate with colleagues in other offices, listen as your grandchild excitedly explains their drawings, or laugh when your family cat walks across the keyboard letting people know she needs attention.  I know my cat is infamous for doing this.


  • Product number: GP5-0013 / A1398
  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite operating system
  • 15.4” Retina display (2880×1800 resolution)
  • 2.3GHz Intel Core i7-3615QM quad-core processor
  • Dual graphics processors: Nvidia GeForce GT 650M with 1 GB vRAM and Intel HD 4000
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • FaceTime HD webcam
  • SDXC card slot
  • Two USB 3.0 ports
  • Two Thunderbolt ports
  • One HDMI port
  • 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Battery life: up to 7 hours
  • Product dimensions: 14.13” (W) x 9.73” (D) x 0.71” (H)
  • Product weight: 4.46lb.
  • Condition: refurbished
  • For warranty information, please contact Customer Service at (888) 664-4482 – 00030


Click below to get your 15.4″ Macbook Pro for only $1249.99 from Groupon:

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16 thoughts on “Big Discount on MacBook Pro

  1. Yes!! I was just thinking about to upgrading my current Macbook. It’s looks like the universe sent me the answer. I have a 13-inch Macbook now. Yea I know I am behind the curve a bit but I got its RAM upgraded a year ago. Anyways, this is the perfect opportunity for me to upgrade at half the price. WOW! After I saw that I was already sold. Then you talked about your son and film school and the video quality of the Macbook Pro. Plus, listed all its features, easy to understand all the benefits. I have questions though, I’ve never used Groupon before, do you know if its easy to use and do they ship overseas? Thanks for the wonderful info!

    1. Hi JP:

      Thanks for checking out my article on the Groupon Deal with the Macbook Pro 15.4″ inch screen.

      In answer to your question if they ship overseas, Groupon is in 47 countries. I am not sure which country you are in, but as long as you have a method of payment accepted there. You won’t be able to use your US or Canadian Groupon account to purchase Groupons for other countries, though – you’ll have to create a Groupon account on that country’s Groupon website first.

      I hope that answers your questions. Please let me know if I can help further.


  2. Wow! What a discount! I’ve never been a Mac guy myself but Macs seem to be growing in popularity. I may have to buy one just to try it out because I will admit that Macs do look pretty nice compared to PCs.

    1. Thank you Matt for checking out my article on the amazing deal you can score through Groupon on this Macbook Pro. You are right. It is a great deal. As mentioned in my article, I purchased one for my son who is going to college this Fall and will be majoring in film. He has always been fascinated by movies and film projects. I know this will serve him well.


  3. Wow this was an amazing article, you listed like every single info about the laptop. . I like it how when you described the Macs features, you did it “list style”. I agree that this is one of the best laptops to use, especially when it comes to college students, since I am a college student myself lol. I found this very helpful. Very informative page/post indeed:)

    1. Hi Omar:

      I enjoy hearing from college students and seeing how they endorse this particular laptop. MacBook pro. It is a great choice for college students. Good luck in your future academic endeavors. I wish you much success.


  4. My wife loves Apple and we are currently in the market for a new laptop for her one of my biggest gripes of that Apple is over priced. But looks like this is one hell of a Deal.
    I am also in the market for a new windows laptop do you happen to know of any great deals with similar specs?


    1. Hi Juan:

      Thank you for checking out this deal on Groupon. You are right. It was a hell of Deal. I say “was” because as you may know with Groupon, the deals are always temporary. However there are some good deals that you could take an advantage of. I am not sure what your budget for a new Windows laptop, but for less than $100 you can get a Dell Latitude 2100 NetBook. It comes with 2 Gigabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory). It also has an Onboard Gigabit Network Adapter included.

      It is refurbished and many people are unwilling to purchase refurbished products, but I actually am a big advocate for helping the environment by purchasing refurbished computers and laptops. You save big money and you help our planet in a big way too. Think of all the techno-trash that we have piled up in the dumpsters and landfills. Buying reconditioned and refurbished products saves on the massive amount of techno trash that is affecting the health of our environment. If you buy a refurbished computer or laptop, you are creating a meaningful way to help reduce the incredible volume of techno trash that is presently pouring into landfills around the world, creating significant health hazards among already-vulnerable populations.

      If you are looking for something with more speed, you can get a Lenovo 14″ ThinkPad Laptop with Intel Core i5 Processor for less than $200. This one is also refurbished and a great buy. It has four Gigabytes of RAM as opposed to two with the Dell Latitude (mentioned above). It also has a 150 Gigabyte hard drive.

      I hope I have helped you. Because these are both deals through Groupon, I recommend giving them a try before they run out. Please let me know if I can help further.



  5. Hi everyone,

    This made for an interesting read, I am currently using my girlfriends laptop as mine is broken, If I had some cash saved up I would’ve almost been prepared to buy one of these.

    I clicked your link that took me to groupon and after reading through all the reviews on there, it is important that people are aware of the factors that come with purchasing a product like this. First of all it is a refurbished model, this means it was previously broken but then repaired. The Mac book itself is a 2012 model so is 4 years old. Some of the customers purchasing these products have had issues with the quality of the product, however, the majority of the customers were highly satisfied.

    Cheers for an interesting read.

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for checking out my article on getting a great deal on a MacBook Pro through Groupon. I know how hard it can be to save some cash to get a new laptop. It is great you have a nice girlfriend who can lend you hers until you can afford one of your own.

      You are absolutely correct. One of the reasons it is marked down is because it is a refurbished laptop, which yes, it was broken, but repaired by experts who specialize in this field. I believe buying refurbished products is best for our environment. Many of the technologies we use every day consume a lot more resources and power than they need to, and using and manufacturing them can create a mess. There are several ways that technology can harm the environment. Manufacturing technology creates large amounts of waste, and used computers and electronics get thrown out when they break or become outdated. This is called technotrash These electronics contain all sorts of hazardous materials that are very unsafe for the environment. By purchasing refurbished electronics and other computing products, you are helping the environment. I used to work for Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center at the University of Arizona and thus, am a big supporter of doing our part to help the environment.

      Yes, it is a 2012 model but that is why it is marked down, but it is still a great Macbook that would be ideal for someone who is just getting started in the Mac World.

      Yes, you are right again in that there were some people who had concerns, but the majority of the people were very satisfied with the product.

      Many thanks for visiting my website and let me know if I can help in any way.



  6. Lots of use full information on this page. I have always used PC’s growing up and never had a chance to venture into the MAC world. However, I do have an iPhone. I am currently creating my own website and was wondering if its worth the money to go all apple so everything can sync? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Kim:

      Thanks for visiting my website. First I wish to address your answer, because you asked a good question. If you have an iPhone 6 or similar, I think buying a Mac is an excellent choice, because yes, everything will be able to sync, because you will not always be able to get onto your laptop, but your cell phone is with you all of the time and this way you can do any work you need to do from your cell phone without the worry of thinking what you are not getting done.If you are currently building a website, you may want to be able to access your website from your iPhone and if you have a MacBook Pro, then you can definitely make that happen.

      I hope that helps answer that question. As far as being worth the money, this is probably the best price I have ever seen on a MacBook Pro of this quality which is why I wanted to share withe everyone.

      So, give it some thought and consider making the leap. I am like you in that I have always been a PC user too but it seems more and more MacBook Pro computers are the norm.



  7. Excellent information on the Macbook Pro. I’ve always been a PC user, but I think that the necessary components of a good computer, like SSD and a good screen resolution, can be hard to find at a reasonable price on regular laptops. My fiancee is in the market for a new computer, and although she is a PC user like me, I may have to suggest looking at a Macbook now since it has great features such as you’ve outlined above. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Pete:

      I am just like you and your fiancee in that I too have always been a PC user, but the MacBook Pro was not for me, but for my son who wanted a Mac because in high school he used a Mac and they had a Mac Lab at his school. My son, as I mentioned in my post, is going to be a film major and they require all the tools and bells and whistles that Macs offer. It seems more and more people are needing those features. Thanks for checking it out.


  8. Hey, Steph!
    I recently finished University with this same computer and I can tell you that it helped me organise my work and allowed me to be productive. I recommend this computer to all students and especially at this discounted price, is a bargain!
    Does the offer only ship to US destinations?

    1. Hi Santiago:

      I am glad to hear from those like you who have graduated from a University and owed the MacBook Pro and can say how useful this computer was at keeping them organized. Thank you for sharing your experience. That is one of things my son lacks is organization skills and I was planning on using this summer before he goes to a University himself to show him how the MacBook Pro will be able to keep him organized and be a successful student.


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