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Black Friday Groupon Bonanza

This weekend the online shoppers such as yourself can get great deals on savings through Groupon’s Black Friday Bonanza!  Click on the image below or along the side to discover just how much you can save this weekend.
Black Friday Bonanza

 Groupon Basics

Have you heard of Groupon?  This is a deal-of-the-day discount service for online consumers.  Every 24 hours, Groupon offers an electronic coupon for a restaurant, product or store in your local city, recommending that local establishment while also offering you, the online shopper, a 40% to 60% discount if you purchase that Groupon.  This can be an invaluable way to save money in a variety of different ways to include:
Black Friday Bonanza

  • Going out to eat or shop in your local city of residence.
  • When you travel to another city, you can purchase Groupon deals prior to your trip and save money while traveling.
  • These Groupon deals also make an excellent gifts.  With the holiday season on it’s way, you could treat a family or friend while saving wear and tear on your pocket book.

Why Does Groupon Do This?

Groupon is a middleman service promoting a specific city’s restaurants,. products and stores.   Groupon encourages everyone to try a different restaurant or store each day, and earns a commission whenever they successfully refer a customer.

How Does Groupon Work for the Customer?

Groupon in itself is a free service for the online consumer to join. It costs nothing to sign up and start saving.  If you provide Groupon your email address, you will receive an email everyday from Groupon with it’s latest announcement to its subscribers list the deal-of-the-day in that particular city.

Typically, the deals are 50% discounts at a particular restaurant or store.  If you like the deal-of-the-day, you may purchase an electronic coupon directly from Groupon using your credit card or PayPal account.  You print that coupon, take it to the restaurant or store, and redeem it for commonly double the value you paid.  To save a tree. Groupon also has the option that you download an app to your SmartPhone using Google Play or the AppStore and have an electronic scan of the Groupon delivered to your SmartPhone.

How Does Groupon Work for the Seller?

Groupon is a commission-based middleman service provider.  They provide the seller with a motivated customer-base and promises to achieve a certain number of sales per day.  If Groupon doesn’t meet their promised quota, there is no need for the seller to provide any discount services nor any commission paid to Groupon.  However,  in the more common case, Groupon exceeds their quota of daily interested customers and then all of the Groupon customers enjoy a deal at half the cost while the seller enjoys a big influx of new customers and Groupon earns a commissions from all of the sales.  It is a win-win situation.

Are you An Affiliate Marketer?

If you an affiliate marketer, you can apply to be a part of the Groupon Partner Network.  You can earn up to 15% commission and start generating revenue.  Check out my article on affiliate marketing to learn more about how to generate a passive income.

groupon partner network
Groupon Partner Network


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8 thoughts on “Groupon Black Friday Deals

  1. Hi Steph!

    Thanks for highlighting the affiliate program on Groupon! Like many others who have came across this page, I have no idea that Groupon had an affiliate program. I am looking forward to signing up with Groupon and hope to generate some income. How has the affiliate program works out for you so far?

    1. I am glad you appreciated the article on Groupon. And yes, I am an affiliate of Groupon’s. There are a couple sites I have in which I have Groupon widgets and links on. The success of a program depends on how much effort and hard work you place into marketing the products.

      Please take time to visit and check out some of my other pages and affiliate partnerships I recommend, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Thanks for this great information! I’m really interested in affiliate programs and how they work, I’m learning more about them all the time and it’s people like you who have a nice easy reading, ‘all information you need’ post that make it all the more exciting! I’ll definitely be checking Groupon out and look forward to learning about more affiliate programs!

    1. Hi Sarah:

      I am glad you found the article on Groupon affiliate program helpful. Please come back soon and read more about different ways in which you can make money through affiliate marketing and how to build a website.

      With the Internet so popular and with how it continues to grow everyday, more and more people are seeking out ways in which they can work from home. Since you are woman, you may wish to check out my article on 10 reasons women should work from home.

      Have a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you again.


  3. Thanks for this page, I did not know that Groupon had an affiliate program! I am new to using Groupon, but the savings potential is great. You explain affiliate marketing very well from how it works to how you earn money. If I click on the link on your page and purchase something from Groupon, you earn a commission, right? Would you also earn a commission if I click on that link and sign up to be an affiliate?

    1. Hi Erin:

      Thank you for visiting my website. You have asked some great questions. In answer to your questions, yes and no. If you click on the Black Friday Groupon link and purchase something, I will earn a commission. But, not if you sign up to an affiliate with Groupon. That is there simply to help other affiliate marketers and anyone who is a newbie to affiliate marketing and looking to join an affiliate program.

      Thank you for visiting and for asking great questions.


  4. Hello there
    lm an affiliate marketer as well.
    like everyone else I love bargains and saving money, unfortunately, l could not take part in this black Friday, sometimes some un foreseen issues get in the way.
    So no matter how much l would have wanted to, l could not take advantage of Groupon bonanza.
    80% is a lot of saving and it will make a good present in this feastive seanson for anyone who can take advantage of it.
    Thanks for a very informative post with real saving to be done.
    cheers Roamy

    1. Thank you Roamy and yes, I agree if you can take advantage of the Groupon Black Friday Bonanza, it is definitely worth it. I hope you visit again soon and Happy Holidays!


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