7 GREAT Tips on Finding Seasonal Jobs

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Wanting a Seasonal Job?

Are you sitting around thinking it would be nice to have some extra cash this holiday season? Are you wondering if it is too late to get a season job? The answer is  Not at all!  Seasonal jobs are excellent ways to earn extra money for the upcoming holidays.  It may also lead to a full-time permanent positions if that is also something you desire.   Although several businesses started hiring seasonal workers last month or perhaps as early as October, many companies are still looking to bring on extra employees in December, because as we get closer to Christmas, there will be more and more shoppers and thus, stores will need more help than ever as Christmas draws nearer.  Think about all of those shoppers who wait until two days before Christmas to start their Christmas shopping!  Millions of people are guilty of that, maybe even you.seasonal-work

Also, in January is when stores will need help with all of those returns and exchanges.  People will be coming into the stores by the truck loads to exchange that ugly outfit they would not be caught dead in.

With our economy on the mend, the market for seasonal jobs is better this year than in the past, so if you are still unsure about whether it is worth your time to try and get a seasonal job, rest assure it is.  But please don’t assume getting seasonal work will be a cinch.  There will be competition and you need to stand out among the crowd of other Holiday job seekers.   Read my five tips for finding a season job.

I. Start Your Online Research

Get on the Internet and check out companies which you think would be ideal to work for.  If for instance, you would like to work for Target, because you like their housewares, go the company’s website and see if they have any seasonal openings in your local area.  Do not forget the online job boards, such as Craig’s List, Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed. You may know of some others.  Check your local newspaper for classifieds too.

II. Use Social Media to Get the Word Out

There is much to be said about the power of Facebook and Twitter. Get the word out that you on Facebook that you are wanting a seasonal job. Post on Facebook and ask that your friends share and like your post so that people who know someone who is looking for some extra employees  can connect with you and help you get that seasonal job.  Many wonderful things have happened as a result of social media outreaching.

III. Be Super Flexible

Most companies who are hiring for seasonal work are looking for people who can work when their regular staff cannot, so be super flexible.  This includes weekends and nights.  This may include working until midnight on Christmas Even because of the millions of last minute Christmas shoppers are out there. You may be one of them yourself!   The more flexible you are, the more likely you will be chosen.

IV. Act Like Your Applying for a Full-Time Permanent Job

Even if you are only searching for a temporary job to get you through the holidays, act as though you are applying for a full-time permanent job. Often times companies plan on keeping the really good employees on after the holiday season is over.  Never burn your bridges and keep your mind open to new possibilities.  Some reasons why you may want to stay on after the holiday season may include the fact you really enjoy working at the store. Maybe you really enjoy getting that employee discount. Maybe you have discovered you truly have a knack for selling retail.

If being considered for full-time employment following the holiday season sounds like a good idea to you, then be sure to take on added responsibility around the store and always be willing to do extra shifts.  This will show the employer just how amenable you are.  The more flexible you are, the more likely you will be chosen to stay on after the holidays.

V. Be Persistent

Even if the hiring manager tells you that all positions for seasonal work have been filled, check back in a week or so, because chances are the closer Christmas gets, the more help the companies will need.   Not to mention, there will always be those seasonal workers whom were hired and did not work out or they quit because something better came along.  Do not forget to send out thank you emails and letters and try to remember the names of the individuals who intereviewed you so you can personally address them in your letters.

VI. Go Super Prepared for the Interview

When job hunting you should always come to the interview fully prepared.  Do your research on the company by checking out their website address and read any relevant news story they are featuring on their site.  One of my biggest pieces of advice is to dress for success.  Don’t show up to the interview wearing holey blue jeans.  Give the hiring manager a firm handshake and come prepared with at least two good questions to ask at the end of the interview.  A couple questions I often ask at the conclusion of a job interview are:

What do you like about working here?

What do you think would be the most challenging aspect of this job?

What do you think makes this company special?

VII. Employee Discounts are Nice, But…….

One more thing I wish to mention – if the one reason who are wanting a seasonal job is for the employee discount, keep that to yourself and do not let the person who is interviewing you know that, because they want to see that you are truly interested in helping them through the holiday rush.   Show your sincerity and humbleness.  Don’t walk in to the interview asking the following:

How much of a discount do I get by working here?

By asking the above question during your job interview is basically asking the employer what’s in it for you.

Alternatives to Traditional Jobsdo-what-you-love

If after thinking about everything there is to do to land a traditional job, you feel that you rather pursue other employment options, there are other ways to make money which do not require the following:

  • Buying nice clothes so you can dress for success
  • Paying for auto maintenance and repair work
  • Going to lengthy and stressful job interviews
  • Writing countless thank you letters and emails to people whose name you may or may not remember
  • Pay for gasoline expenses and bus passes for commutting
  • Having to answer to other people about your accountability and meeting deadlines

For other employment options, visit my article on making 2016 your year for financial success.  Some of the other options for achieving a steady paycheck which has the potential to increase over time with hard work include affiliate marketing.

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8 thoughts on “7 GREAT Tips on Finding Seasonal Jobs

  1. Stephanie hi!
    This was a very insightful article for anyone looking to get a season job for this holiday season. You gave a great discourse on how the individual should go about pursuing such an opportunity – from performing research, using social media, preparing for the interview, (including proper dress code when sitting down with a potential employer) and finally how this part-time opportunity can turn into one that is full-time!

    Great effort on your part Stephanie as you articulated your thoughts quite well!

    1. Hi Jeff:

      Thank you and I am glad I was able to provide some insight. I appreciate you taking the time to read and leaving a kind comment.


  2. These are some excellent suggestions for someone looking for a seasonal job! Many of them should also be guidelines for someone looking for a full time job. You should always be courteous towards your manager and coworkers and should be someone that can get in and get things done.

    Someone following these guidelines will be in a very good position to be given a full time job if openings are available. Sometimes even if they’re not, but the employee is valuable enough and adds enough to the business they’ll be offered the full time position.

    1. Hi and thank you for commenting. I wanted to provide a list of things that should be considered for not just seasonal employment, but also if someone plans on staying on after the holidays. If we keep our options open, the sky is the only limit to what we can achieve and discover about ourselves. Many times people will go into a job, be it temporary or not, with a plan in mind, but plans should never be set in stone.

  3. Hello Steph,

    There’s some really good advice in your article here. I know a lot of people that are needing part time work might not be putting their all into finding a gig or even once they do get the gig they wont be trying as hard as they would at a full time position. The thing is if you do try harder you will get a job faster and easier. The other thing is if you always hustle and try your best the employer will see this and more likely want to hire you full time when a position comes available. You also have some great advice about not showing your whole hand of cards and I know for me this can be hard at times especially when I get to yacking too much :).

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Anthony:

      Thank you for reading my article on reasons to find seasonal work. I have to admit that there have been times when I was nervous during job interviews that I yakked a bit too much and said too much. I have been there. It might not be easy, but it is important to stay cool and always put your brain before your mouth during job interviews.

      I hope you come back and visit my website and discover other ideas I have for finding a new career and new job.


  4. Good read! When I went through college, I was always looking for seasonal jobs to help pay for school. I always had the most luck looking in the news paper and going through Facebook. Most towns and cites usually have a Facebook page where people post opportunities. I have seen season, part time, full time, really any job posting you can imagine. You would be surprised how many companies post jobs on Facebook. I know the company where I work posts all their new jobs on the company Facebook page. If there is a certain company you want to work for, then definitely watch their page for opportunities.

    1. Hi Kyle:

      I was the same as you. When I was in college, I was always looking for work as well. I think seasonal work can be great for college students and for anyone who needs to make some extra money for Holiday spending. The holidays can be a financial strain for so many people that having a few hundred dollars lining your pockets can make the difference between getting family members the presents you would like to give them and not.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you here again.


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