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Make 2016 Your Year for Financial Success

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Create Passive Income in 2016

creating passive income
Create Passive Income in 2016

How much money are you crrently making in your 9 to 5 job?  I imagine you are probably struggling to make ends meet.  Am I right? You may not know it but you have options which you might not have known about.  I am not talking about those get rich quick schemes, because the truth is there is no such thing. It is feasible that you can make a financial difference for yourself this year in 2016, but it will require work, dedication and committment.

The typicaly set up for your current 9 to 5 job probably pays hourly right?  You probably get paid per hour and once that time has passed you will not be able to get paid anymore for that hour of work you put in.

You can start working from home today using your computer and Internet connection.  You can start generating an income which will give you more personal freedom with your family and loved ones.  What I am talking is referred to as passive income. Have you heard of that?

If You Will, Imagine for a Moment:

What if you were able to get paid for doing something only one?  What if you could spend an hour or two doing something in which you will get paid over and over again for?  This is most likely opposite of what your current 9 to 5 job structure is set up.

In the next five minutes, I will show you the different income structures.  I will show how the majority of people live and work.  Next, I will show you how you can choose to work.   If you are a typical worker, depending on what country you live in and what occupation you are in, you probably make anywhere from $15,000 a year to $100,000 a year.  If you are making more than $100,000 you are doing pretty good and perhaps what I am about to tell you may not apply to you, but I am referring to the norm of our society.

From that income, you put in a typical eight hour a day job, five days a week and you get paid for your work you did during that 40 hour week.  You cannot get that time back nor will you get paid more than once for those 40 hours you put in during that week.  That time, effort, energy and commutting costs back and forth to your job are gone.

Passive income works another way. In fact, you may be familiar with it already.  Passive income refers to an ongoing money-generating machine.  When a TV commericial is aired, multiple entities are paid over and over again from it.   Each time a commericial is played on the television, the actors and everyone else involved in the production of that commericial get paid a certain amount of commission.  Eventhough those actors only performed once in front of the camera for that particular commericial, everytime the TV networks air that commericial, those actors are paid whatever proceeds they agreed upon.

Comparison Between Passive & Direct Income

Passive Income Direct Income
Get paid over and over again for tasks you completely only once! You do not get paid for past chores you completed for your employer.
Can be achieved with little or no money down. Requires some money in reserve to pay for gas, commuting costs, etc.
Requires much work and patience at first but you learn a lot. Work an hour and earn a X number of dollars repeating the same tasks.
Potential to become wealthy over time. You live week-to-week and paycheck-to-paycheck.  That is the norm.
Relatively low competition if done correctly. Nearly impossible to get financially ahead.

Think how much our world and how we communicate has changed over the past three decades ever since Tim Bernes Lee invented invented the Internet in the 1980s.  For more information about the evolution of the Internet, refer to this article.  This past decade and the beginning of the 21st century has seen massive changes to how people are earning money through passive income.  Today, the internet is used everyday to perform even the simplest tasks from online shopping and email exchanges to moentary transactions which we will be seeing more of in 2016 with the introduction of BitCoins.

Allow me to put it to you this way!  Three billion people use the Internet on a daily basis, surfing the web and checking out the latest trends.  So much of that traffic is creating a massively large amount of passive income.  When you go to a website, you are often annoyed by ads right, much like some of those annoying television commericials I refereneced above.   Yes, I said annoying and I will be the first to admit they can be annoying.   But those annoying ads on both television on the web are generating some massive income for others.  As annoying as they sometimes are, millions of people are clicking on those ads everyday and somewhere someone is making a fortune off those clicks and purchases through that particular website.  This process is referred to as affiiliate marketing. This is a real and very achievable for anyone with an internet connection and a strong and determined willingness to learn new skills and apply it.

affiliate marketing - if you do not build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs
If You Don’t Build Your Dream, Someone Will Hire You to Build Theirs

You need first to have belief in yourself that you can make this work.

Opportunities in 2016 for Generating a Passive Income

In 2005, two young men named Kyle & Carson started a website service geared towards helping people to build a website plus monetize that website.  These men are owners of Wealthy Affiliate. In a sense, they taught folks how to be producer of their very own television show – a website.  It has produced some of the top earning online affiliate marketers of this past decade.

You Only Get One Life. Live it to the Fullest!

Their resources are second to none. It was their desire to share with anyone who had a willingness to learn.  Now, 10 years later they are well known for being a couple of the best SEO (search engine optimization) leaders of the world wide web.  Initially, when they started Wealthy Affiliate, they were asking for money before trying it out.  After their confidence in their product grew, they began offering people the opportunity to try it before you buy it and I personally have always been a fan of that type of program.  I personally do not beleive it is ethical to ask people to purchase something before allowing them a chance to sample it.

As a result, today you are able to get limited access to this program as a free starter up.  This way, you can experience for yourself what an absolute difference this will provide you for the next coming year and many more years after that.

  • Absolutely no credit card is required for the free start-up membership.
  • You may remain a free member for as long as you like.  However, there will be encouragement to go premium.
  • You have nothing to lose.  There is no obligation to buy.
  • I will also be there to help coach and guide you.

If your ready to have your own free website which requires little skill to create, use the form below to create your own domain and have a website up and running in about one minute:

Discover Your Niche & Turn it into $$

Once you have built a website, you need a niche.  Basically, you need to find a group of people who are interested in the same thing as you to talk to.  Anything can be a niche.  Even if  you think it is too bizaare and narrow, trust me – there are others out there interested in the same things you are.  What do you like?  What are your hobbies?  What are you considered to be good at?  The choices are limitless.

After you have discovered your niche, you need an audience or website visitors which is known as traffic.  Once you have traffic, you can turn that into money.   This requires you to seek out companies with affiliate partnerships willing to pay websites commissions for sending people to their websites.  There is an unlimited market here no matter what your niche.  There is a huge disparity between companies offering an affiliate partnership.  One of the biggest well known companies is Amazon.   However, Amazon offers the lowest commission rate of all, only 4% commission which is not much.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you satisfied with the research and information I have provided you?  If so,  I welcome you to get started with a free startup membership.   Everything is broken down in a step-by-step format supplemented with videos.  There is is addition a massive community of thousands of people to help you with questions you may have.   I have found my success at Wealthy Affiliate and inside I will be there waiting for you.

Get Started with Wealthy Affiliate TODAY

Steph Hill

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14 thoughts on “Make 2016 Your Year for Financial Success

  1. Wealthy Affiliate will surely help you out as much as it has helped me. They really put a lot of effort into helping new members and they really want you to be successful. You only have to work hard at whatever it is you want to achieve. So my advise is to work hard and to never give up.

    1. Hi Nahim:

      You are correct about Wealthy Affiliate putting a lot effort into helping new members. They will help you every step of the way. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to see you again.



  2. Thank you for interesting insights Steph.

    I am also very interested in earning passive income for the reasons that you mentioned. I love learning so one of the great things in order to earn passive income is that it requires learning some skills. Now I’m doing affiliate marketing in order to earn passive income. Other things that I’m very interested in is investing in the stock market and real estate investing. I hope that those things will bring me passive income. 🙂


    1. Hello again Roope:

      Thank you again for visiting today. I too am doing affiliate marketing as well as web design and I am enjoying it. I do not know much about the stock market or about real estate investing, but by combining all of those businesses together, you can probably make some decent money and support your family pretty well on.

      Thank you for visiting as always and I am sure I will see you again soon.

      Sincerely ~ Seph

  3. Hi Steph

    You have made me think with your article. I must admit, and I am ashamed to say that I have been sucked in by the get rich quick scams. The sales pitch is always so compelling, and believable.

    I love the idea of a passive income, but I have been burned before. They all talk about passive income. How is Wealthy Affiliate different in this respect?

    Thanks again for your informative review.

    1. Hi Ruth:

      Thank you for visiting my website. I am glad my article has sparked some thought within you. I like it is a shame that there are so many scams out selling you on the idea of “Get Rich Quick”. The honest truth is that there is no such thing as a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. In order to make a passive income, it requires work and dedication. You must be distracted by other offers made to you, especially when you start to become successful, because once others see you as being successful, they will want you to turn your attention to their business ideas and help them with their own bottom line.

      Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is different in that they do not lie to you. You are told from the very beginning, expect to work and work hard. It will not be easy. I have some ideas you can take into account that are on my ways to improve motivation and concentration article. When I first started looking for ways to earn a living online after my father passed away and I needed to return home to take care of my mother, I was first scammed by a company called Excel Cash Flow. The sad thing is there are many other companies out there just like that one. I was also suckered into Herbalife’s MLM program a few years back when I was laid off and they are now under investigation for potentially running a pyramid scheme.

      There are many benefits that WA can offer you that others do not such as endless training. The training is not only done by the founders of WA but also veteran members of the community, myself included. I have even more trainings published within the WA platform, more than what you see here on this website. I am a an Ambassador of Wealthy Affiliate and I achieved that by being active and showing others that there is a better way to earn money from home without having to sign up for expensive MLM schemes in which you have to recruit your friends and family members. In addition, you get two free websites when you join and are provided all of the tools and resources you need to grow those websites and learn how to monetize them.

      If you think you are ready to get started, I invite you to please join me and the tens of thousands of other members of WA.

      Sincerely ~ Steph

  4. Steph,

    I have been building my online business since July 2015 `– after a 2 day course on affiliate marketing. I think it’s really great to be able to automate your income stream but more than that, to be able to do something you care about and discover your niche instead of just following others.

    I am still learning and I see you have many computer tutorials that I know will be very helpful. I need to learn more about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) so your website will help with things like that.

    Thank you for taking the time to compose these articles and tutorials.


    1. Thank you Ann for checking out my website. I started doing affiliate marketing not that much more than before you started. I am glad I was able to help with some tutorials for you. You can also learn much more by belonging to Wealthy Affiliate where there are endless training options available to you.

  5. Great article! Many people believe that starting an online business can cost you a pretty penny; when in reality, commuting to work five days a week is a bit more expensive. You can have your own online business up and running with less than $100.00; but when commuting to work, you need to pay gas, sit in traffic, pay for parking(depending on where you live). At one point I was making $13.00 an hour and it was costing me almost $300.00 a month to get to work!!! That’s when I realized enough was enough. It is possible to have your own successful online business; and Wealthy Affiliate can help.

    Thanks for sharing,


    PS- I plan on making 2016 my best year so far!

    1. Hi Diana:

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate can definitely give you the encouragement and motivation to start an online business. Like you, I too have held low-paying jobs an in the end, it cost me more to community back and forth than what my take home pay was, not to mention the time away from my family and children and what that cost me.

      Thank you for your comment. I hope to see you again soon!


  6. I love the concept of passive income and hope to continue on my path. Thanks for your great articles that give direction to all! With a little work we can all achieve our financial goals!

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